Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby's First Christmas....& Hockey Game :)

Andrews first Christmas was just what I hoped for him. Very laid back and enjoyable. He was able to nap and relax all day and not be shuffled house to house, we all stayed put! I have posted several pics and videos for your enjoyment. I am starting with Christmas Morning.

Here he is just waking up. It was time to eat and he made sure mommy knew!

Video shortly after waking up.

He was having fun talking on the changing table. It is a bit dark but you can sure hear him!

Here he is in his Christmas PJ's. He was Santa/Mommy's helper all day!

Here he is making sure Mommy gets the Christmas quiche recipe just right!

Here is a video of him checking out his Santa gift. The battery must have been low it kept focusing while I taped. Sorry about that!

The day after Christmas he really started to figure it out! The jumperoo has become christened with plenty of milk and slobber! Welcome to the family!!!!

Baby's First Hockey Game! We had a bit of cabin fever and wanted to get out a little. So what better than a hockey game right? I am not afraid to take Andrew anywhere, I like to see how he handles diff situations and outings and he did great with this one. Regardless it was just noisy enough that if he cried no one would notice but not too loud to hurt his ears or scare him. Here he is all bundled up and ready for the action to begin. He even napped for a little while in the carrier. We went prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. We will certainly do this again he was very cooperative!

Milestone Alert!!!! He sat up! Here is the video to prove it! I was drying my hair Sunday morning and he did this several times on how own without me coaxing him to do it. So i wondered if I could get it on video well he had one more left in him and I captured it on video. He can get up on his bottom but then leans over and cant push himself upright.........Look out!!!! Who knows whats next!

Well 2009 is now upon us and I am so excited that i will get to spend one more day with Andrew during the week. I will now be off on Fridays and it will give us a chance to get chores and grocery shopping done and just spend more time with him in general. I cant wait to see what the new year brings and all the new exciting things Andrew will learn over the next several months. Stay tuned more fun times to come!!!

Next up: MiMi & PoPo make the trip South.....we cant wait!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Visit with Santa & Trying out the Highchair

We have been a busy family the past few weekends. We have all been preparing for Christmas and playing with Andrew more and more everyday as he learns all sorts of new things. I have posted several photos and I will just make comments as I go along.

Andrew has a new hat.....mommy couldnt resist getting him a cute little red hat to wear for the Christmas season. Daddy isnt too sure and I am not really sure if Andrew is either but he obliged and took a few photos in the said hat for memories sake.

Ahhh the visit with Santa. We all had good intentions that evening but it didnt really go as planned. Andrew is usually very tired after a day at daycare and would have probably rather have skipped this little event but we couldnt do that now could we....not for babys first Christmas. So we waited in line to see Santa much longer than we anticipated......and Andrew fell alsleep about 5 minutes before it was his turn so this is the photo we captured.....I wasnt even supposed to take my own photo...oh well! Again another photo for memories sake.

Family Christmas Party time! It is that time of year again when all of the extended family clan gather to have dinner together in the rented hall that we all fit in. This was Andrews first party to attend and he really just took it all in. Too many strange faces he wasnt too sure about handing out all those smiles so he kept the serious face on for the evening. I think he like watching all of the other kids though. As usual we enjoyed the company of many cousins and great food.

Cute little guy helping mommy cook, he enjoys sitting up on the counter watching us cook dinner. He spotted the camera and chose not to smile, but he was having a fab time!

On the subject of helping us cook while we are in the kitchen, Andrew has become tired of being on his back most of the time. He is constantly trying to sit up to get a better view of his surroundings. The bouncy seat just isnt cutting it anymore. His head control is great, but his upper body has lots of improving to do. We set up the highchair anyway just so he could use it a little while in the kitchen with us and while we sit at the table. He really liked it! He can handle it for about 15 minutes before he is ready for a break but I know it is helping him gain upper body strength until he is ready to try it on his own.

Final note: Andrew is still sleeping through the night. We had a great weekend and a little extra shut eye. The little guy is becoming a great sleeper....just like Daddy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sneak Peek

We took Andrew yesterday to get some Christmas/3 month pics taken. We also decided to take a few family photos while we were there. It was a total gamble planning out the day but he did so good and was such a ham flirting with all the photographers there. I was so happy with the end results......he even had a wardrobe change how is that for taking a leap of faith!

Here are a few of my faves, I have also doctored a few to have his name on them. I wont post too many bc many of the readers may recieve these as christmas gifts. Sorry Barb!

So now for a small update, Andrew is now sleeping through the night. He has manged to go over that threshold of dropping a feeding at night. It. Is. Glorious! He also laughed out loud this weekend although I know he had no idea that he did it. I am pretty sure it was an accident. However Tim and I were both present for this sweet sound even if it wont happen again any time soon we were able to hear it!

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you are enjoying your families and please know how lucky you all are to have them close. To those who arent as fortunate......we understand and I hope that you all get to spend some wonderful quality time with the ones you have close by this holiday season. Love to all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Tooth on Thanksgiving......

Or so we thought! Andrew has showed many of the signs of teething over the last serveral weeks but I always just said he is too young. Tim swore he felt something in his mouth but as I said I just thought he was too young. But on Thanksgiving day I put my little finger in there and felt a hard bump....I look and there is what appeared to be a tooth! A trip to the pedi was in order when he has continued to run a low grade fever for the past few weeks. Turns out they are small cysts on his gums that will eventually go away. As for the fever there was no striaght answer just keep a watch on it.

So that brings me to a few stellar updates. Thanksgiving in OH was awesome as usual.....we always enjoy the family and company. Tim and I enjoy the food a little too much and show for it when I get home but wouldnt have it any other way. Here are a few photos from our trip. Andrew had a blast watching Cousin Cooper, but Cousin Cooper wasnt too sure about the newest kid on the block...there is time for that I guess.

All Smiles

Learning the suits of each card from Cousin Cooper

Beginning to show some of my personality. Laughs are'nt too far behind!

Finally taking a photo together.

Andrews very first Christmas present from Aunt Christina & Uncle Ed. I think Daddy likes it more than Andrew.

Well he is 3 months old today....technically 13 weeks but who is counting right. Since the last post sleep has been happening on a good schedule. I honestly think the traveling messed him up there for a while. But there wont be much of that going on till spring at least so we should be good to go to work on his routine. At the last post I bragged about him only getting up once to eat well he is still doing this and it is marvelous. Only he has flipped the reverse on us. He used to wake early to eat 12 or 1 now it is 4 am and goes back down till 7.

This. is. FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!

Dont ask me how but it just happened one night. It has now occured 3 nights in a row. So good that it has allowed me to get up in the morning and get ready, getting Andrew out of bed at the last possible moment to get him dressed and off to daycare. Something that has really helped both of us in the morning.

At his unscheduled pedi appt last week he is now up to 13lbs 10oz. He is really getting big.....but in a lot of ways still looks so small. I really think it is his height......he is really long. So I am very excited to see what happens at the 4m appt in January.

We are all getting ready for Christmas and all the family gatherings to come soon. I am so excited to show the little man the pretty lights and enjoy him on the special day. We are having family portraits this weekend so I cant wait to post some of those photos but for now here are a few I took to mark the 3 month period. Happy 3 month B-day baby boy!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Better @ Sleep

Andrew is learning a new skill. He is learning to sleep better at night and not get up as much to eat. He has now moved up to 5oz at every feeding instead of 4 making him space out his feedings more and sleep a little longer at night. Before we moved him up he wanted to snack quite a bit after he would eat his bottle thus throwing off his next feeding cycle. So we stopped that and got him to take more at the feeding instead.

The past few nights have been glorious. The first night he did this Tim and I were ready to do our normal schedule of Tim up wtih him first and then I would get up second. So Andrew wakes at 12:45 and Tim is back in bed by 1. I thought this was weird bc it always takes longer to eat. Well he never woke up again for my feeding so I got to STTN!!!!! I seriously thought it was a fluke and knew we would pay for it the next night. I told Tim since we are on the verge of this becoming reality that I would get up wtih him first in case he slept through again. Well he made it all the way to 2:45 that night and I was back in bed by 3:15.....not to wake again till 6am. It was awesome.....we held our breaths not to jinx it and low and behold it happened again last night. Tim got up for the feeding and I slept all night. So I guess we are now taking turns, my turn to get up it tonight. We are so happy that it is working out so well. I know he has many growth spurts to come and teeth to come through that may cause us some unexpected visits to the nursery in the coming months but we will take this down time anyway we can get it! No complaints here.

I am trying to get Andrew to be on his tummy more, he doesnt last very long but he is getting stronger by the day. I took a video of his progress......exscuse the mess we were cleaning at the time :)

Enjoying his play mat....I got a smile out of him.

This morning as I was getting dressed for work I brought Andrew into sit with me while I finished up. He decided he wanted to start marching while waiting on mommy.....so we had a little photo shoot. He is getting to be such a big boy.....I cant wait till we see more smiles and some rolling over but that takes practice right. I have come to think he has Tims serious side and his smiles dont come easy.....you have to work for it and when you get one your heart will melt!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learning to Coo

Thats what he is doing cooing up a storm, here are a few new pictures and video. The video is kind of dark and he isnt real loud in it but if you listen closely you can hear him.

Disclaimer on the video it has a surprise ending.....but it was such a good video I couldnt get rid of it. So it is what it is I guess, Andrew at his finest.

On Saturday we went to visit Great Grandma Stayer. She just cant get enough of him, hard to believe right :) Here are a few photos from their visit! We love you G-ma and hope that knee heals soon!

I love this one, he is giving her a few smiles and telling her his story. So cute!

All kinds of things to say.....he looks so serious must have been important whatever it is!

Monday, November 10, 2008

He's 2 Months Old!

I cant believe how fast he is growing and as posted in his well visit post he is getting heavier than ever! I took a few pics of him yesterday to mark the 2 month mark! This is the first month I have done this and I hope to keep it up.

As Promised!

Andrew also attended his first birthday party! Michael is 5, he is also getting so big. I cant believe Lauren, Michael and Ryan are as big as they are now! It is really crazy how fast they grow. Andrew just hung out on the sidelines and watched the big screen TV. He loves looking at all the colors and lights, but I know in March at Ryans first birthday party he will be getting right down there with all those kids! Here are a few photos from the day.

Ryan wanted in on the action too!