Thursday, December 10, 2009

Using a Spoon!!!

I honestly think some of this is my fault ;) You see by the time we all get ready for dinner its a quick one and just about everyone is hungry. So most of the time I feed Andrew and then he'll finish hinself with a fruit bar etc. But last night he just seemed to be rather fussy so I said lets play with a spoon and see how we do....while I finished cooking.

He is attempting to eat Mac & Cheese Soup off of his tray....its a thick soup so he doesnt have too much trouble getting it with his fingers. But I decided to put it in a bowl and see how he would do.

He did GREAT!! I think they have been allowing him to practice in his new toddler class. Its okay.....but still very messy. I guess we will see how it goes tonight......but either way these pics and videos are hilarious!

In this video Im attempting to get him to say "Please" which he did 3 times in a row bf I turned on the camera. We are sharing a cup of yogurt!

Next time we will try something I little less messy ;)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh the Tantrums!

We have hit the Toddler Tantrums! Oh goes from gold to you know what in a matter of seconds. Case in point.

I wanted Andrew to take a pic with an ornament I recieved participating in an ornament exhange.

Where it proceeded to call it a "Ball!" and hurl it across the room! Thank goodness we dont have those hardwoord floors we crave yet bc it for sure would have broken.

So I had to take it. Explaining to him that you can't thrown this "Ball!" in particular wasnt sinking in. Taking the "Ball!" led to this:

So there is my proof when he reaches high school that he threw pretty funny tantrums. Next time I really want it on video. These pictures dont do the "tantrums" and justice at all!

But for now here are a few more pics of the sweet boy! Still loves you can see Zeke still doesnt care!

We are leaving for OH in less then 2 weeks! We honestly cant wait! Merry Christmas!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sword Fights!

Oh the joy an empty wrapping paper tub can bring :) Looks like Tim is having way more fun than Andrew.

Andrew was able to visit Santa last week at daycare. He dosent look too thrilled huh? I think we are still planning to take him to the mall so we can see how he reacts. It should be fun ;)

Last but not least....I know this has nothing to do with Andrew but Im trying new things. The first time Andew seen me this way he didnt quite know what to think. But I like it! Tim not so much....but change is always positive. Its not permanent but its different.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We have a Climber!

Its almost THanksgiving!!? Can yuo belive that? It seems like the year has flown by. Here are a few photos and videos....I seem to have more of those these days.

Andrew just continues to amaze us!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big Hair!

Somebody is getting more and more hair every day! These pics just crack me up....oh and a video to boot!

What baby doesnt like a balloon! Goofing around in true Andrew fashion! I could just eat this little boy.....we are having the time of our lives!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hardly Any Updates; Just Pictures

So Tim has been teching Andrew how to give Zeke kitty treats. Here are a few pics of the show. Andrew seems to like it...No?

Thats right, family pics past his 1yr bday. They turned out great and I still cant decide which prints I cant live without, or grace our Christmas cards this year. Give credit to Laura Brett Photography.

Andrew goes for his 14m appt tomorrow, I hope I have some good stats to report. He may make the switch tomorrow and by switch I mean facing forward in his car seat! Scary it's all happening so fast!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Updates!

There really hasnt been much going on lately....we all seem to be in our little routine of things. Many of you know but we have listed our home on the market....we know it wont sell fast but we are still house shopping to be prepared, not to mention decluttering and cleaning all the time!

But Andrew is still trucking along picking up more and more everyday. He is saying so many things consistently now.
  • Kitty
  • Go
  • All Done
  • Hi
  • Bye (not bye bye; just bye)
  • Alright
  • Ball

He is getting really good at pointing too, and following my finger when I point to something. Over the last few weeks he has been working on breaking those molars in. He almost has the 4th one all the way through.....he has handled it well though. It comes and goes which is good fo us all.

Now for pictures:

So since Andrew turned 1 he was supposed to move up to the 1yr old room. He hasnt yet and thats bc there isnt any room. So I spoke with the director and he is now on a more stimulating schedule. They are doing art work wtih him, taking him outside more with the 1yr old class, and many other things that he should be doing at this age instead of just hanging around with the babies all day. Sadly this project he got ahold of and as you can see continued to make a mess ;)

In other news, Friday morning this is where I found him after I made the grocery list! are seeing correctly, its a crock pot!

We finally made it out to the pumpkin patch, he wasnt sure what to do....but he knew they were "balls" ;)

Andrew and Eli...we are seeing more and more of him these days. Buddies in the making.

Halloween is in a few weeks....we are headed to a party so stay tuned for all the cuteness you can stand!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kitty Love

Zeke has become more and more tolerant of Andrew these days. He doesnt run away as soon as Andrew comes around, and he even goes up to him for a little pet every now and again. Andrew has realized how oft Zeke is too and has begun to try and lay his head down for a rest when he comes you know me....I whipped out the video camera. I couldnt miss the 2 babies interacting ;)

Fall is here! This is the best season in NC! So in true fall fashion we headed off to the fair for a family day. We had lunch and just walked around all the exhibits. Its a little too rich for us right now for Andrew to ride rides...esp when we have to buy double tickets to ride with him. Maybe in a few years.

Tim and Andrew are checking out the largest pumpkin on record at the fair this year! It was huge!

Next we hit the petting zoo, Andrew loved it! He held the line up quite a bit.

And finally with the cold mornings we brought out the wind breaker. Andrew is fianlly able to sport his Indians jacket Uncle Deron gave him when he was a baby! Its kind of close to the Braves though and sometimes we have to correct those who arent in the know ;)

Halloween is upon us too, we have Andrews costume but can't share yet. I guess we will take him a few places this year and see how he does.....stay tuned!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't worry Ryan; You can have cake too!

Well over the weekend we hosted the last we of Andrews Birthday celebreations. It was a big crowd and we were so thankful Andrew has so many family and friends who love him so much! Many pics to follow!

But first here are a few videos from the last few weeks. He's saying all kinds of things now.

Here he is telling me he's "All Done!"

We made a ball pit for his party and here he is testing it out! LOVED it!

The weather has also started to turn here in NC, so we brought out the jeans and tennis shoes. Baby jeans are just the cutest arent they!

Party Time! Here are a few of the decorations, banners, cupcakes, etc.

Oh and what childs first bday isnt complete without a BIG WHEEL! Thanks Uncle Ethan ;)

Eli pushing Ryan around!

It rained ALL DAY! So we set up most of the kid activities in the garage.

Ball Pit Buddies - Andrew & Shepherd

Present Time

Someones getting sleepy!

Mini Cake - In the madness of it all I forgot to take a pic of his boat cake ::sigh::

Oh La La!

Ryan decides he wants in the on the action....he decided to dig right in! It was hilarious!


The day after, pushing his fave toy ever! The Lawnmower! Thanks Aunt Barbara!