Thursday, June 18, 2009

See What I Can Do!

He is practicing this walking thing behind his push toy all the tim now! Here are a few videos....I hope to catch him pushing the kitchen chairs soon!

Happy Fathers Day Tim! We all headed to the pool!

Andrew can now give you kisses....just pucker up! Just remember to give a big "AWE.....Thank You!" He eats it up...and so do we!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 Months Old!

Andrew is 9 months old! In 3 months we will be celebrating his 1st birthday....but I dont want to dwell on that because things are already moving too quickly.

Updates on Andrew:
  • Walking assisted
  • Standing for short periods of time unassisted
  • Pushing a few toys will standing behind them
  • Eating pretty much all table foods
  • Now weighs 19.04 lbs
  • Getting some Seperation Anxiety
  • Wants to sit straight up in his car seat
  • Getting in to everything!

The photos in this post are from this past weekend. Tim and Andrew have both been sick but we managed to still get some family time in along with a few videos.

Dinner with Ethan & Katie on Friday night. He loves them!

Saturday we headed to Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury to hang out with Mommies Interweb friends and their families. We were able to stay and see most of the animals and ride the carosel before Tim got sick and we headed home.

First Carosel ride....that was some fast carosel!

Andrew with his buddy Eli with his mom April. We will see alot of them this summer.

Sunday we headed up to Pilot Mtn. to visit Aunt Barbara. She is one of mommys favorite people. We had a blast and dont get together enough! We need to do that more often.

So this morning...I tried to get this boy to sit still long enough to take his photo. Here is the best I could do. He is such a big boy now!

A video exampe of how much on the move he is.

This is the new past time. As you can see we have tried baby proof this drawer but it seems to not work so well. So he plays with the tupperware lids...could be worse right?

We head to MiMi and PoPos in less than a month for the 4th! We cant wait! For now we are all enjoying summer and the pool. Can you believe your eyes.....I cant!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summers Here! Andrew's on the Move!

Summer kicked in high gear over Memorial Day Weekend and we were all glad to welcome in the season that makes you feel like your on vacation nearly every weekend. So Andrew started it off with a bang.

Mimi and Popo made the visit South from Ohio. We took in Old Salem, Childress Vineyards and some family downtime. It was so good to visit and just relax. It wont be long and we will make the trip N for a much needed repeat! Here are a few photos from their visit.

These photos are from Old Salem. Andrew had enough of the stroller so we took a break in "The Square".

Sunday we headed to Childress Vineyards for music on the terrace. Andrew took in the music and lunch. Then he decided his stoller would be a great place to nap.

Miss them already! 4 1/2 weeks and counting!

So you remember from some of my recent posts that Andrew is pulling up. Well he pulls up on just about everything now. He is getting braver and braver. He is even letting go a little and trying to balance himself. It is really scary how close he is to maybe walking earlier than Tim and I expected. Fingers crossed he holds off....I cant keep up as it is ;)

Due to his constant pulling up we have had 2 little "incidents". One I have a pic of, the other I was too worried about the blood.....nothing major. But I guess we can say he "almost" made it 9m without bleeding.

Exhibit A: Bruise above the eye, the coffee table.

Exhibit B: As stated isnt visible, but he also fell on said coffee table and busted his upper lip. Thankfully on the inside so no one could see it. Needless to say I was a little shaken when I saw blood. Goodness....I guess more boy behavior will follow.

Video Cuteness: Daddy & Andrew

This weekend was full of playdates. I'm a member of a local moms group.....via the interwebs. There are a few of us the live pretty close so we decided to get the kids together for dinner and a playdate. Andrew loved it. He made a new friend and hung out with an old buddy. Eli and Savannah were a blast. Here are a few photos.

The Tonka Truck was pretty popular.

As were the stacking cups.

So this summer we took the plunge and joined our community pool. Since Im off with Andrew on Fridays now it will be so fun to hang out there with him for a few hrs. I was a fish as a child and really hope that Andrew likes the water. Its also pretty easy for Tim to meet us there after work and have a picnic or something for these hot NC summer days. So we headed out yesterday after Andrews morning nap to take in the sun and fun. He also got a new float, and figured out how to drink the water. He loved it! He was so warn out when we left.

Snack time was a hit too. He is eating more and more solids. Mum Mums are currently his fave. He knows how to use those 4 little teeth, make no mistake!

Eli and his mommy also joined the community pool this summer. So these boys are going to have a tons of fun this summer. Im already excited!

So here is proof of just how brave this boy is becoming. He has started pushing things all around the house. The Tonka truck is the fave for right now. He'll be walking behind it soon Im sure. Where oh where did my "baby" go?