Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey! Its Summer & We've Been Busy!

I started this post in August - Its mid November.

Andrew is getting older and I just dont take as many pics as I used to. He is busy! Playdates, traveling, bday parties, school field trips and just being a busy little boy!

The pics below are from July to late August. His bday deserves a post all on its own :)

Caraway Speedway - nothing like being right at the fence!

First Ride on a Jetski with our neighbor Kevin! Fun times....he liked them way more than we did!

Playing with Lynlee during Mommys bday party!

The yearly pic with mommy on her bday!

The summer trip to Ohio! Daddy took Andrew on his first golfing trip. He was a great helper!

Enjoyed the trip to the fair to see the animals and of course the tractor pull! Andrew never leaves cousin Coopers side!

While in OH Andrew also met his new cousin Courtney!

Back in NC its all about the lake until mid Sept! Jumping off the boat is nothing for this kid!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A little of the Park, Lake, Beach, Pool, Airplanes, Race Cars

Im tired now! :)

We started off summer in full force.

A lazy May Friday morning had us heading to DNP for a little swinging, climbing & a train ride of course!

As soon as the temps climbed into the 80's we were on the boat!

Where Andrew quickly learned how to jump!

Then for Memorial Day weekend we headed to the beach with some friends and their little boy. I love these shots of Andrews first sights and smells of the ocean since last July.

Napping on the beach sure is the life.

Postcard perfect!

Flying kites with Daddy was a ball!

& in the pool he was a fish! He's a water boy for sure!

Checked out a nearby air show. Hot but fun day!

Boys will be boys!

Meet Cocoa! Andrew LOVES Cocoa. Hes our neighbors dog but has no trouble at all coming by for a visit on most evenings. He is the sweetest thing. Andrew will spot him outside and run to the door to enjoy a visit. Hes the cutest thing!

Whats summer w/out the races? Andrew had a really good time...being only his 3rd event he really got into it this time. Hipefully we'll make it back again before the year is out. He wears his "earmos" proudly!

We're headed North for July. Literally.....the majority of the month will be spent there visiting friends and family. Hard to believe we celebrate Independence Day this weekend. We of course will be on the boat, and enjoying it with new friends. Summer doesnt seem to be slowing down.....but we are soaking in each day.