Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey! Its Summer & We've Been Busy!

I started this post in August - Its mid November.

Andrew is getting older and I just dont take as many pics as I used to. He is busy! Playdates, traveling, bday parties, school field trips and just being a busy little boy!

The pics below are from July to late August. His bday deserves a post all on its own :)

Caraway Speedway - nothing like being right at the fence!

First Ride on a Jetski with our neighbor Kevin! Fun times....he liked them way more than we did!

Playing with Lynlee during Mommys bday party!

The yearly pic with mommy on her bday!

The summer trip to Ohio! Daddy took Andrew on his first golfing trip. He was a great helper!

Enjoyed the trip to the fair to see the animals and of course the tractor pull! Andrew never leaves cousin Coopers side!

While in OH Andrew also met his new cousin Courtney!

Back in NC its all about the lake until mid Sept! Jumping off the boat is nothing for this kid!

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