Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 Months Old!

Can you believe that! It seems like there is no way this boy is 4 months old already, but then again my eyes probably show it.

We have been quite busy since Christmas. Tim and I were off quite a bit so we were able to stay home and enjoy the little guy more than usual. Andrew had his 4 month visit. He now weighs 14lb 11oz, and is 24 3/4 inches long. Dr. Reedy said he was perfect and is in the 50% for his age. He also recieved 2 shots this go round and seemed to do pretty well with them considering.
Andrew has reached quite a few milestones this month.
  • Laughing/Giggles (I have tried for days to post a video of his giggles but cant seem to get it uploaded......I will try again soon to get it on here)
  • Blowing rasberries (video below)
  • Yelling, a little less ear peircing than screaching
  • Sits in his highchair while we eat and plays with toys
  • Reaching for a toy if you hand it to him
  • Gripping a toy for quite a while
  • Seeing a toy beside him and reaching for it
  • Almost rolling back to tummy
  • Raising his feet high in the air and notices they are there
  • A good bit more of mini push ups, he is almost there!
  • Chews on his fingers like crazy as well as sucking his thumb more and more the paci is no match anymore!
  • I also believe his eye color is now set. He has my eye color I can say that for sure!
We also had a visit with Mimi and Popo, as well as Uncle Richard for the weekend. We waited and did Christmas with them in January since traveling this year was not in the cards. We had a great time and Andrew has had a blast playing with his new toys and reading new books that Mimi and Popo brought with them.
Here he is in his new winter suit from Mimi
And his new stack toy that lights up! Mommy and Andrew both love this toy!

Here he is enoying a few toys in his high chair while we fix dinner in the kitchen. He is getting to be such a big boy!

I was able to catch him blowing razberries on video. Im still bummed I couldnt get the giggles video to load! I may try You Tube instead!

Last but not least, the Steelers made it to the SuperBowl! So Andrew is sporting Cousin Coopers Steelers onsie to celebrate the occasion!

I know post have been MIA for a little while, I wont make that a habit I promise!