Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where Have You Been?

For Andrews readers Im sure thats what you have been asking. We're SO sorry! Its been a crazy, hectic, fun summer that still seems to be going strong. We still have a few busy weekends planned as we all head into fall. So for now Ill take you back to the end of July :/ Buckle up its going to be a looong post!

A chilly rainy Sunday had us heading for the zoo to get out of the house. Fun times!

But the sun came out and we were right back on the boat! Andrew began jumping off the boat after a few lessons from his buddy Eli!

Then it was August and time to get Daddy to BGS. It was a long summer drought of him missing the races. So Aunt K & Uncle E came along to keep us company and feed Andrew an icy.

Then it was time for the big Ohio trip. Where of course it was non-stop....wtih gorgeous weather to boot!

Andrew discovered "power wheels" & drives away from us all as fast as he can!

Then its time for the Randolph Fair....& riding his first fair ride.

The tractor pulls are up next.....

Spent plenty of time with Cousin Cooper!

Day trip to Niagra Falls, NY. Im not sure he was impressed, he honestly seemed a bit scared of the heights.

All ready to ride the Maid of the Mist

Figuring out he can chase seagulls!

& that in car DVD players are awesome on long car rides!

Last swim of the summer in Ohio. It quickly turned 60 after this last day of 90 degrees.

So we all got in the hot tub instead!

Party Time!!! Early bday party for the Ohio family - Is this kid spolied or what?

Still playing with Cooper, these 2 really enjoyed eachother. I think in the furture there will be summer swaps for these 2 between NC and OH.

Finally back home in NC. I took Andrew to Dan Nicholas Park on his bday with some of his buddies. His first time feeding the ducks.

About to ride the train - he's in heaven!

Sept 9, 2010 - His actual bday. We had a little cake and a few candles with dinner. He was so excited when he figured out how to actually blow out the candles. It was a perfect evening at home.

9/11/10 - Denton Street Festival.
First time down a bouncy slide. Id say he loved it!

First pony ride.

This picture stops me dead in my tracks.

He's so grown up and all right before our eyes. We now have a little boy no longer a baby. Its something new everyday. He's now singing his ABC's and using "I" and "Me" in first person. He LOVES trains, trucks, and anything thats big with a motor. He's recognizing his colors and telling me so as I drive us to and from school/work everyday. Its amazing. He can tell me almost exactly what he wants when he wants it. Hic vocab is growing and growing and he is just simply SO much fun. My heart is so full of love for Andrew and Tim that I wonder how Ill love them more the next day and the next but it always happens. " I thought I loved you then".

More? Here are a few little videos back the first of July when he really started saying his colors and getting into TV. Im going to try so very hard to update at least twice a month. Stay tuned!