Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andrew's 3rd Christmas!

I cant believe it! I cant believe this is his 3rd Christmas. Although I still dont think he got "Santa". Mimi, Popo, Aunt Nina, Uncle Ed, and Cooper came in on Christmas Eve. We had a dinner of salad and homemade pizza then the boys took their bath and put out the cookies for Santa. But of course ended up eating a few ;)

We all got a good kick out of Andrew not understanding that those cookies were in fact for Santa ;)

But they put them out and woke up the next morning to all sorts of cool books, toys, and games. It really was awesome to have everyone home with us this year. Worth every day, week, and month spent apart.

I think the Lionel Train was a big hit. Its something Andrew can put out every year under the tree to enjoy.

Sometime Cmas Day snow began to fall.....we all woke up to a winter wonderland. & the Ohio folks thought they left the snow back up north!

The rest of the weekend was spent just lounging, assembling toys, and playing, playing, playing. Several Wii games were enjoyed by all and the kids just had a blast.

Monday Tim bought the bos a sled.....I even got in on the action ;)

2 peas in a pod....its so refreshing that these get along so well. Their diff in age really doesnt matter, they really are best buds.

So onto to 2011. & here I thought January & Feb were going to be slow. Ha! Ive been informed of at least 4 bday parties Andrew is invited to and 2 new babies on the way. Cant wait!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Letter from Santa

Well to everyones surprise we recd a letter from Santa in the mail yesterday. He knew all about Andrew and just what he has been asking for for Christmas. Santa even mentioned a few of his buddies in the letter.

Andrew is slowly getting the concept. It has'nt worked on the behavior part just yet but when I tell him that Cousin Cooper will get all the toys if hes not good that seems to do the trick.....sneaky I know but hey a girls got to do what a girls got to do right?

Here are a few pics and a video of his letter.

P.S. Thanks MiMi

Here are a couple of photos by the tree. This time of year is just so magical when youre a parent. I think we may be more excited then he is ;)

Someone also enjoys wearing Daddy's new boots!
From Nov & Dec

Monday, December 13, 2010

Its Beginning to Look alot like Christmas!

Starting with our small town parade. Which was really not that small. I think every fire truck in a 20 mile radius came out to take a parade lap. Andrew was NOT complaining. He loved it! He didnt quiet know what to think about it but he still enjoyed the scenery and the candy ;)

Im not sure he caught the Big Guy but as you can see I almost didnt either.
Andrew got in on Tims bday this year. I tried my best to get it on film.

A few weeks ago we discovered that the farm park in our town has a train and they give rides at Christmas time and tells the real story of Christmas. I KNEW we had to take Andrew. There was no question. They also have Santa and lights up everywhere. I didnt get very good pics but it was a fun time. Eli and his mom came along and we all thought that its something we'll have to do in the years to come. It was really great for the kids, and truthfully pretty relaxing for Tim & I.

Two boys very excited about the train!

Here are a few of the outside shots I tried to get.

Im pretty sure we'll be back it really was a fun time!