Monday, December 6, 2010

Have you met Baby?

He's loved by all. & Andrew just calls him Baby. Nothing else but Baby.

Id say Andrew & I both are attached to Baby. Baby came into our lives bf Andrew was born at my baby shower. I was obsessed with Andrews nursery at the time and my aunt made me this really neat basket of medicines and all types of stuff you "really" need for your baby. Teething tablets, tylenol, pedialite. Practically the best gift a new mom could have. Ive repeated this gift several times. But there was also a little blanket that had a bears head and an embroidered boat. It was perfect.

I kept it with Andrew all the time when he slept. He went through phases where he didnt care. But when the Paci went away it was all about Baby and his blankets. He used to not care about which blanket....that has all of a sudden changed. But I realized I didnt have any pictures of Baby who on some days goes to and from school with us. Baby goes to all baby sitting events where a nap may be involved and any car rides that are longer than the norm. Its a peice of my "baby" that I never want to lose.

One morning Andrew took Baby outside to play, I kind of ignored it. I knew we wouldnt be out there long but he had started losing things outside. Certain toys that he would carry with him everywhere began dissapearing when he would play outside with his Tonka truck. Well that night we put him to bed kind of late & I couldnt find Baby. I was sure it was outside and I panicked. I think Andrew would have went on to sleep but not me. I wanted to make sure Baby was me crazy - Tim did! He was found thank goodness. But thats when I realized Baby was a part of Andrew & I both. Its my last thread of baby I have left when it comes to Andrew. Ill prob keep it forever when he doesnt care at all. Much like my Mother In Law......Im sure shes done this too.

As for what we've been up to - Whew! A lot apparently that its been over a month since Ive posted. We went to Ohio fir TGiving where Andrew became a copy cat when it comes to his daddy.
We enjoyed family and even left our truck up there due to a huge deer that ruined our Friday night out. So we've been getting ready for Christmas, celebrating Tims bday, and shopping for a new vehicle. Lots to do in the coming weeks preparing for family to arrive. I cant wait of course! Its been a long time coming.

Oh & I almost forgot! Andrew will have another cousin in June!!!! Im SO excited for Aunt Nina - aka Christina. Babies babies everywhere!

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