Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andrew's 3rd Christmas!

I cant believe it! I cant believe this is his 3rd Christmas. Although I still dont think he got "Santa". Mimi, Popo, Aunt Nina, Uncle Ed, and Cooper came in on Christmas Eve. We had a dinner of salad and homemade pizza then the boys took their bath and put out the cookies for Santa. But of course ended up eating a few ;)

We all got a good kick out of Andrew not understanding that those cookies were in fact for Santa ;)

But they put them out and woke up the next morning to all sorts of cool books, toys, and games. It really was awesome to have everyone home with us this year. Worth every day, week, and month spent apart.

I think the Lionel Train was a big hit. Its something Andrew can put out every year under the tree to enjoy.

Sometime Cmas Day snow began to fall.....we all woke up to a winter wonderland. & the Ohio folks thought they left the snow back up north!

The rest of the weekend was spent just lounging, assembling toys, and playing, playing, playing. Several Wii games were enjoyed by all and the kids just had a blast.

Monday Tim bought the bos a sled.....I even got in on the action ;)

2 peas in a pod....its so refreshing that these get along so well. Their diff in age really doesnt matter, they really are best buds.

So onto to 2011. & here I thought January & Feb were going to be slow. Ha! Ive been informed of at least 4 bday parties Andrew is invited to and 2 new babies on the way. Cant wait!

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