Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Such a Big Boy!

Well as many predicted it didnt take long for Andrew to walk. He isnt full out walking by any means but he is taking tons of steps. He gets pretty brave....but only barefoot he wont walk with shoes on.

He is getting really good with his walking toy, and shoves it around like an old man with a walker ;) So for now here are a few videos from last night when he decided to test out his new legs ;) Enjoy!

This is a cute video too, Im chasing him and he tries to run. It is so comical!

Its all going by WAY too fast!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Whew! Its been a while and lots have been happening. We are back from OH and had a great time with the family over the 4th. The majority of the photos here are from our trip and the holiday.

Milestone Alert! Andrew took his first steps at MiMi & PoPos! He practiced for a few days, but since being home he really hasnt showed that much interest. Theres time for that I guess.

Over the past few weeks I have been in the early stages of planning his birthday party. This lucky little guy will have 2 celebrations. One in Hilton Head with close family and the other a bigger gathering at home.

So now for pictures: What would OH be w/out cousin Cooper and playing cards ;) Andrew reaked havoc on Coopers card games. All the while Cooper continued to say to Christina "Whats Andrew doing Mommy?"

Andrew was a bit curious of the tractors. Tim took him for a spin.

4th of July.....Our little firecracker!

Off to see fireworks

It was a little chilly for OH in July. We had to take jackets and blankets!

Here is Andrew when he heard some of the fireworks go off! "What was that mom?!"

Ready to play!

Cooper & Christina all ready for the show.

MiMi & Andrew...he loved the swing all week!

She dotes on them you know ;)

Boys playing together at almost 10pm! That was a long night!

Wednesday we took Cooper and Andrew to have photos taken together. They turned out really well. Here are a few of my faves...well several of my faves.

Here are a few of the photos I took for his bday invite. I cant wait to send them out!

Swinging again, daddy couldnt resist!

Sandbox time! Mimi's house is a virtual fun house!

Thursday we made it out to the Rootstown park. Fun was had by all on the slides.

I couldnt resist these car seat photos....doesnt he look like Paddington Bear! ;)

Our last day......Andrew was in love with the train!

Cant wait to see them all again! 6 weeks and counting! I hope I catch him walking soon on video.....or maybe I can wait a little longer. My baby is growing up too fast!