Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enjoying a Tiny Taste of Spring?

Last Saturday we all took a walk down to the peir to check out how low the water is. Tim and some of the other guys in the neighborhood helped fix the pier up so he thought it was time to check on his handy work ;)

But WOW is the lake low! The peir is on the ground! Its hard to believe we put the boat in there and can swim off the dock!

So we took a little walk down the shore and Andrew enjoyed throwing rocks in the lake as much as Daddy!

It was a nice afternoon to get out and enjoy the warm weather we've been having. I really hope spring gets here quick! & that we actually have a spring and not go straight into summer.

Next up is the wonderful news that Andrew has a new playmate :) Well in a few months he will. Hes still trying to understand the whole baby thing so Lynlee is good practice. Lynlee was born on 2/16 at 5lb 15oz to some very dear friends. Shes adoarble and I cant wait to watch her grow up! Shes such a beauty!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Promises Promises.............

I kept it! Its Monday....and Ive finally brought all the needed equip to work so I can get all the new stuff uploaded. Whew!

For the most part Andrews still doing this:

& this ;)

& this when we had our last little bout of winter. Hopefully its all behind us now though.

The end of January went out with birthday party extravaganzas although I dont ahve them all on film Andrew had a blast at each one. This one was Elis party.

Pizza eating firemen all around ;)

He still likes to wear the hat.

The following Saturday we hit up the Childrens Museum for little Coens bday party. I took Andrew a little early because we had to leave early to make it to 2 other parties that afternoon. He had a good time playing at each station at the museum. This particular one was a series of tubes that blew air. So you put scarves and balls in the tubes and they raced around to find the nearest exit point.

Next up was the market exhibit. As you can see he went straight for the "cake and pastries" area. Whos kid is he????

I tried to get him to maybe pick up a stalk of celery but no........

Instead he cleaned it out! Every last drop of cake goodness!

So we mosey our way over to the frozen section....and what do you know? Ice Cream Sandwichs! Lord help me!

As I talked about last week we headed to the local bounce play place with the neighbor and her little boy who is just 8 monhts younger than Andrew. They'll go to school together and its nice to have another little one so close in age near us. After Colin warmed up a bit to it all he headed down the slide with Andrew several times. I see lots of trouble in the future!

So on to the rest of February. Few things planned here and there to keep us busy. We are hosting a Daytona 500 party in a few weeks where all buddies mentioned in this post have been invited. Whew! Thats going to be the day the basement play room will certainly come in handy!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Thats me - Andrews mom. The slacker of posting pictures. Im sorry. I still have not been able to upload the recent pics. There arent many dont be fooled. Just a few here and there from a few functions that we have attended. & Ive also noticed that Andrew just doesnt stay still long enough to have his picture taken.

Andrew has definitley been busy. In the month of January Andrew attended 4 birthday parties in 2 weeks. I actually only have a few pics from 2 parties.....scratch that prob one! But be sure he had a blast at each party! They were as fancy as a bounce play place, and the childrens museum to a laidback family approach at the families local church.

He loved the bounce play place so much that Ive sought out a place similar close to home to take him on my day off. Facebook is a powerful tool and Im able to see when the play place close to home has open bounces when its normally reserved for parties. So this Friday at 10 there is a pre-school playdate that we are attending and we are both excited. Its a blessed time to get out of the house and right bf lunch and nap time no less. So we'll spend a couple of hours in a place like this.

Hopefully I wont lose my mind ;) My how times have changed since Tim and I were kids. We were too poor for Chucky Cheese ;) So another pinky swear that Monday I should have a few pics of Andrew having a blast! Although Im sure Ill get stuck helping him climb and slide. Hey I can count it as a workout right?