Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beach Bumming

Thats what we did this weekend. Jennifer my step sister got married in Shalotte, we were so close to many NC beaches we hit up one. So Andrew saw the ocean for the very first time and he loved it! He got so excited!

He apparently loved the sand too....so much that he ate it. It ended up in his ears, nose, mouth, eyes.....EVERYWHERE! We have alot to look forward to in Sept. Thank goodness we will have help ;)

So here are a few pics for your enjoyment.

He was spent here, he missed his AM nap so he took a little snooze. Wish we could do this everyday!

Putting his toes in the water.....it may have been 80 degrees out but the water was COLD! He quickly drew his little toes inward. So till next time......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Learning New Tricks!

Here are a few more photos of Andrew crawling! He is really getting the hang of it!

He also has begun to clap! It is the cutest thing. This bay claps ALL.THE.TIME!! He will clap while he is happy, mad, or just in his car seat going down the road.....it is getting beyond comical for us!

Next stop....the ocean! Andrew is going to get to see the ocean and the sand for the first time and we are sooooo excited. Andrews aunt is getting married so we are going to join in the festivities and take in the beautiful NC weather that just keeps coming....no complaints we peomise.

Cuteness at the ocean to follow! Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Fun Day!

So the month of April is bringing some gorgeous weather to NC and I mean almost 80 degree temps. So there have been plans for weeks to meet up with a few other families (that I mostly associate with online....like a moms group) and take the babies to the Zoo. Well this April Sat did not dissapoint.

So we loaded up a picnic lunch and all headed south to Asheboro! Andrew took his morning nap on the way and was ready for action shorlty after arriving.

All strapped in and ready to meet all the animals!

Taking a look with Daddy at the Polar Bears (See those blue skies?!)

The Grizzly bear took in the sunshine as well.

So after the picnic lunch this is what all the babies looked like!

Andrew got tired of strolling so I carried him around.....he isnt 8lbs anymore!

Last stop....Monkey Island.

We did end up leaving a little early but I think the rest of the state had the same idea we did so it was VERY crowded. Andrew did great and he was most intrigued by the sea lions swimming around. I hope to get him to an aquarium sometime this summer. So it was a successful trip and we will have to go again in the fall....the summer is just too brutal. We had a great time and met another great couple that has a little girl Andrews age (only a month apart). We hope to get them together again soon!

As I promised....he crawls. He is still getting better at it. I think on this day he did the best since he discovered his talent. He likes to army crawl mostly but he is very much getting around on his own. He will perfect it soon Im sure.....just like his daddy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

He Crawls

Yep...it happened! It will prob happen again when we get home. I dont have proof right now but I will. We have a lot of baby proofing to do as well as lowering the crib.

Alicia his FAVE daycare teacher called and told me the news. So I witnessed it myself.....so there it is folks he is OFFICIALLY MOBILE!!!! AAAHH!!!!

Send Prayers :)

Video & Pics to Follow

Monday, April 13, 2009

Andrew's First Easter

Easter honeslty snuck up on us this year. I am so glad thatt MiMi gave Andrew Daddy's Easter basket from years ago becuase it just hadnt occured to me yet. Whoops!

Andrew turned 7m old a few days before Easter. He has accomplised alot during his first 7 months and I can already see that crawling is only a week or so away. The post below of him sitting up on his own from his belly has been just the beginning. He is now pretty much army crawling on his belly, he CAN get to where he wants to go. He also is trying really hard to get in a crawling position from sitting, he just cant get that stubborn right leg out of the way. I hope to have a video of it soon. I think he is even surprising himself.

Over the weekend it seems his 2 bottom teeth are almost in. We can feel with our finger the sharp edge of the first one. We can also see the second one that is not far behind. He has been fussy with them, Im hoping he gets somewhat used to the pain and the next ones dont bother him as bad. We are blessed teething hasnt messed with his sleeping at night too much.

So here are a few pics and a video from Easter Sunday. We spent lunch with G-ma and G-pa Stayer. It was a gorgeous day and we were all able to get out in the sunshine for a little while. We still missed the rest of the family dearly and cant wait till they come down in a few short weeks.

Checking out whats in the basket

{Thanks, now Ill jsut chew on them for a while.}

Family Photo

In his Easter Duds

They like to do this alot!

G-pa thought it would be funny to sit on the deer, I wasnt too sure about it!


Tim, Andrew & Gpa Stayer

We also had a short visit from cousin Shepherd. The boys were curious but sitting is not in Shepherds vocab. He is a busy body. We have a lot too look forward to.

This weekend we are heading to the zoo as a family. Andrew can't do much but there are several exhibits where the animals are up close so it should be a fun time. It looks to be great weather too, the fresh air will do us all good. Zoo pics to follow!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

He Sat Up!

So little man showed us yesterday he is more than capable of getting himself upright now! I was putting way clothes and noticed when I left him he was on his belly and was now sitting up right so I turned him back over. In my amzaement with my jaw dropped he went from belly to butt in no time flat.

I cant believe how big he is getting. Things are changing so quickly!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

This weekend gave us all a touch of how much we missed the sun and warmth. We had a 70 degree day here in NC and then tonight it will be back to 40's...what gives?

Anyway, little man has had some pretty big accomplishments lately. Over the past 2 weeks he has perfected sitting unassisted. He is beginning to work on getting up in a crawling position and rocking on all fours. We have a ton of child proofing to do!

*Be prepared this post is almost Video Overload....can you tell I like my new toy?*

Here he is when sitting lasted about 2/3 minutes and a video to boot!

Here he is when he perfected his balance. He is such a happy boy!

I like to call this one AT vs. Zeke

Here are the boys being "Parrots"

So yesterday we couldnt resist taking Andrew down to the community park that is over in the next neighborhood. It is a little hike over there but Im getting exercise in right :) So he tested out the swings, he liked leaning forward the best. He is still getting used to it but I did get a few smiles out of him. Video to follow.

For some reason I couldnt wait to set him in the grass. I was dying to get his reaction. He was okay with it, he wasnt sure what to think but he didnt cry either. Here are a few first time photos/video. Enjoy!

Now if Spring would jsut stay around it would be marvelous. He is getting so big and I cant wait to do more with him outside in the months to come. If the weather cooperates we are meeting some of Andrews friends at the zoo in a few weeks. Crossing my fingers for good weather!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Look Out!

This post is sans pictures..but dont worry they are coming.

Our "little" baby is now sitting unassited...he is so cute sitting pretty while he plays with his toys!

He also has a crib toy that has never been used much because it is out of his view. Well I woke up this morning to the monitor. Andrew has found the crib toy and knows how to turn it on. So I went in to peek and there he was on all fours rocking back and forth!

Lets just say....I know mobility is coming soon and we are in SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!!!!

Pics to follow! I promise!