Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Fun Day!

So the month of April is bringing some gorgeous weather to NC and I mean almost 80 degree temps. So there have been plans for weeks to meet up with a few other families (that I mostly associate with a moms group) and take the babies to the Zoo. Well this April Sat did not dissapoint.

So we loaded up a picnic lunch and all headed south to Asheboro! Andrew took his morning nap on the way and was ready for action shorlty after arriving.

All strapped in and ready to meet all the animals!

Taking a look with Daddy at the Polar Bears (See those blue skies?!)

The Grizzly bear took in the sunshine as well.

So after the picnic lunch this is what all the babies looked like!

Andrew got tired of strolling so I carried him around.....he isnt 8lbs anymore!

Last stop....Monkey Island.

We did end up leaving a little early but I think the rest of the state had the same idea we did so it was VERY crowded. Andrew did great and he was most intrigued by the sea lions swimming around. I hope to get him to an aquarium sometime this summer. So it was a successful trip and we will have to go again in the fall....the summer is just too brutal. We had a great time and met another great couple that has a little girl Andrews age (only a month apart). We hope to get them together again soon!

As I promised....he crawls. He is still getting better at it. I think on this day he did the best since he discovered his talent. He likes to army crawl mostly but he is very much getting around on his own. He will perfect it soon Im sure.....just like his daddy!

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TheTodds said...

Cute pictures! I hate we didnt make it to the Zoo on the same weekend as you guys. Soon, we need to get our guys together so AT can show my AT how to crawl! We are so lagging in that dept. I keep telling myself he has a lot of weight to lug around. Oh well! He has 7 teeth. Haha, when people ask if he crawls, etc...I say, "No but he has 7 teeth!"