Monday, April 13, 2009

Andrew's First Easter

Easter honeslty snuck up on us this year. I am so glad thatt MiMi gave Andrew Daddy's Easter basket from years ago becuase it just hadnt occured to me yet. Whoops!

Andrew turned 7m old a few days before Easter. He has accomplised alot during his first 7 months and I can already see that crawling is only a week or so away. The post below of him sitting up on his own from his belly has been just the beginning. He is now pretty much army crawling on his belly, he CAN get to where he wants to go. He also is trying really hard to get in a crawling position from sitting, he just cant get that stubborn right leg out of the way. I hope to have a video of it soon. I think he is even surprising himself.

Over the weekend it seems his 2 bottom teeth are almost in. We can feel with our finger the sharp edge of the first one. We can also see the second one that is not far behind. He has been fussy with them, Im hoping he gets somewhat used to the pain and the next ones dont bother him as bad. We are blessed teething hasnt messed with his sleeping at night too much.

So here are a few pics and a video from Easter Sunday. We spent lunch with G-ma and G-pa Stayer. It was a gorgeous day and we were all able to get out in the sunshine for a little while. We still missed the rest of the family dearly and cant wait till they come down in a few short weeks.

Checking out whats in the basket

{Thanks, now Ill jsut chew on them for a while.}

Family Photo

In his Easter Duds

They like to do this alot!

G-pa thought it would be funny to sit on the deer, I wasnt too sure about it!


Tim, Andrew & Gpa Stayer

We also had a short visit from cousin Shepherd. The boys were curious but sitting is not in Shepherds vocab. He is a busy body. We have a lot too look forward to.

This weekend we are heading to the zoo as a family. Andrew can't do much but there are several exhibits where the animals are up close so it should be a fun time. It looks to be great weather too, the fresh air will do us all good. Zoo pics to follow!

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TheTodds said...

Cant wait to see Zoo pictures. AT is growing like a weed!!!