Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Better @ Sleep

Andrew is learning a new skill. He is learning to sleep better at night and not get up as much to eat. He has now moved up to 5oz at every feeding instead of 4 making him space out his feedings more and sleep a little longer at night. Before we moved him up he wanted to snack quite a bit after he would eat his bottle thus throwing off his next feeding cycle. So we stopped that and got him to take more at the feeding instead.

The past few nights have been glorious. The first night he did this Tim and I were ready to do our normal schedule of Tim up wtih him first and then I would get up second. So Andrew wakes at 12:45 and Tim is back in bed by 1. I thought this was weird bc it always takes longer to eat. Well he never woke up again for my feeding so I got to STTN!!!!! I seriously thought it was a fluke and knew we would pay for it the next night. I told Tim since we are on the verge of this becoming reality that I would get up wtih him first in case he slept through again. Well he made it all the way to 2:45 that night and I was back in bed by 3:15.....not to wake again till 6am. It was awesome.....we held our breaths not to jinx it and low and behold it happened again last night. Tim got up for the feeding and I slept all night. So I guess we are now taking turns, my turn to get up it tonight. We are so happy that it is working out so well. I know he has many growth spurts to come and teeth to come through that may cause us some unexpected visits to the nursery in the coming months but we will take this down time anyway we can get it! No complaints here.

I am trying to get Andrew to be on his tummy more, he doesnt last very long but he is getting stronger by the day. I took a video of his progress......exscuse the mess we were cleaning at the time :)

Enjoying his play mat....I got a smile out of him.

This morning as I was getting dressed for work I brought Andrew into sit with me while I finished up. He decided he wanted to start marching while waiting on we had a little photo shoot. He is getting to be such a big boy.....I cant wait till we see more smiles and some rolling over but that takes practice right. I have come to think he has Tims serious side and his smiles dont come have to work for it and when you get one your heart will melt!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learning to Coo

Thats what he is doing cooing up a storm, here are a few new pictures and video. The video is kind of dark and he isnt real loud in it but if you listen closely you can hear him.

Disclaimer on the video it has a surprise ending.....but it was such a good video I couldnt get rid of it. So it is what it is I guess, Andrew at his finest.

On Saturday we went to visit Great Grandma Stayer. She just cant get enough of him, hard to believe right :) Here are a few photos from their visit! We love you G-ma and hope that knee heals soon!

I love this one, he is giving her a few smiles and telling her his story. So cute!

All kinds of things to say.....he looks so serious must have been important whatever it is!

Monday, November 10, 2008

He's 2 Months Old!

I cant believe how fast he is growing and as posted in his well visit post he is getting heavier than ever! I took a few pics of him yesterday to mark the 2 month mark! This is the first month I have done this and I hope to keep it up.

As Promised!

Andrew also attended his first birthday party! Michael is 5, he is also getting so big. I cant believe Lauren, Michael and Ryan are as big as they are now! It is really crazy how fast they grow. Andrew just hung out on the sidelines and watched the big screen TV. He loves looking at all the colors and lights, but I know in March at Ryans first birthday party he will be getting right down there with all those kids! Here are a few photos from the day.

Ryan wanted in on the action too!

Friday, November 7, 2008

2 Month Well Visit

We went for Andrews 2 month well visit checkup today. Tim was able to tag along since he was off today. Andrew has really grown since mid Sept. He is now 12lbs 7 oz and 23 inches long. I couldnt believe it. I knew he was at least 10lbs but I never dreamed he was over 12. He still seems so light. As for his length I wasnt surprised since he is growning out of most of his 3 month clothesd because of length. In fact I am packing up quite a few things that are in his closet because they are getting to small.

Dr. Reedy said that Andrew looked perfect and that we need to have more tummy time over the next few weeks, so I am going to let the girls at the daycare know and hopefully they can do this with him during the day to build those neck muscles. I will make sure I have more floor time with him too when we are home.

He also had to get shots today, he has been runnng a low grade fever the past few days due to a cold he cant shake. He really hasnt been fussy like he doesnt feel good, he is eating good and still having good diapers so you would never know he has a fever. So we have been treating it with tylenol, humidifier, and his matress is elevated to help him sleep better. So far it looks like it is almost over, I hope so. Hopefully he will sleep okay tonight and not be bothered too much by the shots.

Daddy is babysitting tomorrow most of the day so mommy can go shopping with Aunt Barbara for a few hours. I know he is kind of nervous but I have all the faith in the world in him, he will do fine.

Andrew is now smiling, cooing and following Tim and I around the room with his eyes. He has become much more aware of his suroundings this week. I have seen the biggest difference in his interaction and alertness. I am so happy to see this, I have wanted so much to interact with him more. He melts my heart everyday with all the new things that he discovers and I get to discover it all over again with him. Well that is all that I have for now. Not many pictures lately, I have been bad about it. I promise there will be pictures in the next post.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm 8 Weeks Today!

Quite a bit has happened in the past couple of weeks. Mommy started back to work so Andrew is now a daycare pro. He is so good for those girls they never complain that he cries or fusses. He really is a good baby.....I tell Tim everyday we may not be sleeping all night, but we sure could have it worse, I know many who do.

Andrew is getting much better at lifting his head while on his tummy, he surpirises me each and every day at the things he can do at his age. He is really starting to like his activity mat and he is paying more attention to the hanging objects in the last couple of days. I know it wont be long and he will be reaching for them. We have been interacting with him as much as possible to get him to be more vocal and smile. He is smiling if you coo at him, it is so much fun to see what he can do day by day. His smiles really do melt my heart!

Tim has become such a pro at getting Andrew dressed and ready in the morning while I get ready....I can honestly say that I dont know what I would do if I didnt have him home in the morning. It also really helps that Andrew wakes up to eat at around 4 instead of right when we are trying to get ready in the morning. That cuts 30 minutes off of our morning routine. Since we have been practicing our time to get up has changed to 6 instead of 5:30 becasue we work together so well to get everyone up and ready by 6:40. That means I make it to daycare to drop off Andrew by 7 or a little after. I really think Tim enjoys getting him dressed and ready in the them a little time to bond and hang out.

These 2 months have really flown by, I know the rest of the year will as well. We are all starting to get excited about the holidays. I am back to work full time in the next couple of weeks and I am trying to really enjoy my last couple of weekdays home with Andrew. It really is fun now that he is a little more interactive and alert, I am going to miss it and cant wait till January when I have Fridays off. Tim has been off quite a few Fridays lately as well since work is so slow he gets to spend some extra time with us too.

We are headed to Mimi and PoPos for Thanksgiving and we all cant wait to see them agian. It will be a fun trip.....Andrew will see his first snow I am sure. Andrews 2 month well visit is coming up Friday and I am so excited to see how he has grown since they saw him in late Sept. I know he has to be over 10lbs.

Well that is an update for now, enjoy the videos and pictures!

First Day of Daycare; 10/20

Andrew & Mom

First Family Photo 10/12

Smiley Baby Video 11/4

Practicing Head Control w/ Daddy