Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Haircut!

Ill get to the haircut in a few.....but Aunt Christina (or Nina as Andrew calls her) got Andrew the cutest towel for Cmas. He was outgrowing all of his baby towels with the hood so she found Elmo in a toddler towel. Its the cutest thing!

Okay on to the haircut. Andrews hair wasnt getting out of control or anything it just seemed to be getting a little long at his crown and in the back so we decided it was time for a trim. Yuo see I call Tim the hair Nazi.....bc he cant stand kids with long hair and he had been hinting at me for a while to get it taken care of....but he didnt push bc he knew it was a big deal.

So we headed in on a Friday morning and Andrew was good as gold. He barely moved and just watched the lady in the next booth use clippers. So I took a few shots but he was so serious the whole time I didnt get any smiles.

So here he is all finished! It looks neater instead of shorter. Im sure we will be back pretty often now....it will prob grow like a weed ;)

Cute video I had to post.

Other news: Andrew had pneumonia last week. That was a scary time. He did really well with the doc visits and xrays. He recovered quickly and has had a great week so far. So lets hope that we can all stay healthy for a little while. Its kicked our butts!

Going to Skype! Mimi finally got her a laptop....so we will get to use the web cams on Sundays now instead of the speaker phone. We are all excited!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas In Ohio!

I cant believe its been almost a month since my last update....but then again I guess we have been kind of busy. Then I went to upload all of the videos and photos and realized that I already took them off the computer in order to clean house for the New Year!

Which Happy New Year btw ;)

So anyway I want to update and Andrew's (2nd) Christmas. He had a blast! We headed up to OH on the 18th to beat the winter storm that was brewing in NC. Can you believe that! We went to OH to get away from the snow. Kind of funny if you think about it. But they evetually got a little, which I was glad so Andrew could play in it a little. He wasnt sure what to think of it! Here are a few pics.

Then we all came back in to get warm!

From Nov & Dec 09

Here we all are getting ready to head to church.....dress up!

Andrew was so much fun Cms Eve....well after church was over ;) He played and played. I love this pic of him!

Here he is opening his Chatter Elma Cmas Morning! Love the Cmas PJ's!

Now it time for everyone to join in!

Ah!!! A Vacumm! Just like mommies!

Bath paints and markers!

And a Broom!

And a Race Car! I think this is his favorite!
From Nov & Dec 09
It was a blast being with my two favortie boys! I cant believe how big they both are! We have a lot to look forward to in the years to come!

So on to the new year. Once we got back for OH Andrew had a minor surgery to help with his Ear Infections. He recovered well and I hope we took care of the problem. More fun times to come!