Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Andrew's First Year!

Thats right...the big day has come and gone. It was fabulous! Our trip was wonderful and I cant wait till next year. We just love Hilton Head Island. It will definitly be a family vacation spot for years to come.

So I finally finished Andrew's one year slideshow, music included!. Take a trip through his first year. Its been a blast and Ill do a vacation/1st Birthday Party report soon.

Tim and I continue to be in awe of this miracle we call "Andrew Timothy". We are so excited at what the next year will bring.

~Our 1 Year Letter to Andrew~

Andrew, Happy First Birthday!

Mommy is almost speechless that we are celebrating your first birthday. It all seems to be happening way too fast. Your Daddy and I have watched in awe as you achieved each of your milestones. You have reached every single one of them way earlier than we expected. Maybe that should show us you will do things your own way on your own terms.

From eating your first bite of table food (which you are very picky you know, mommy has to hide almost everything in mashed potatos) your first steps, and first words we have been in awe of how much you have accomplished in just your first year of life.

We've loved watching you become this little person over the past year, an independent soul with your own set of likes and dislikes. True to your Virgo charachterisitics ~ Analytical, Observant, Reliable, and Precise. We could truly go on and on about how much your little life means to us, but this book only has so many pages.

What we do know is that you have taught us so much since you were born; you've changed us in ways we couldn't even have imagined. We are so proud of you, and we feel so incredibly blessed to be your parents. We love you more than anything in this world, and can't wait to experience the joy that I know this next year will bring.
All of our love!

Mommy & Daddy

*You'll have to click on the slideshow to see it*

From Sept & Oct 09

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Due Date

Wow...a year ago today we were all waiting on pins and needles for little man to arrive. Tim and I kept his name a secret and had fun with that!

We went to see Dr. Allen for an NST and he was just as happy in there as could be. No distress at all. So the induction was scheduled, Tuesday the 9th. We were bummed about the lack of sponteniety of it all. We were pretty sure childbirth was supposed to be a surprise...you know a midnight trip to the emergency room...waking our family in the wee hrs of the night. I guess it just wasnt in the cards.

Stay Tuned....Its almost time.