Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More of Easter

Photography is every where these days, many are throwing their hats into the arena as a way to have a hobby or make a little extra income. Why not? Esp if you are good at it.

These pics were taken on Easter Saturday while my cousin and his family were visiting. Stephanie has a talent to take a photo and creat an effect with it. I rarely develop pics anymore but I dont think I can resist finding a place for these on my wall.

These 2 photos capture Andrew so perfectly

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter & Mothers Day 2011

Have come and gone. Yes Im very late in writing an Easter post. Im Lucky I made it this far, I dont say this much but life at the office has really been hectic and I rarely post at home.

So here are the Easter pics. My Aunt, Uncle, grandparents, and cousins family all came over for Easter dinner on Saturday. Leaving Sunday to be a boat day. The kids had a blast.

The Easter Bunny made a stop.....and so did Mimi! :)

Someone had way too much fun with this balloon!

Boat Day! First ride of 2011. The water is not warm enough to swim yet, but it should be in a few weeks. See the wildlife? There are blue herrons everywhere!

See this little lady? Lynlee is just too much of a doll for words. Been a while since "baby" pictures have made it on this blog.

Sat April 30th we headed off to a musice festival about 1.5 hr from home. Tim won free tickets so we made a day of it. The weather, music, atmosphere, and food were all great. Andrew blew bubbles, danced, and hammed it up with the folks sitting next to us. All in all a good family day.

Check out my new shades?

Mothers Day. Pretty much perfect in every sense. I got to spend it with my 2 favorite boys along with our very best friends. We met up with K&E for lunch, and then headed home and took a leisurely boat ride to soak up the sun. Summer is upon us and its going to be a long enjoyable one.

Bring on vacation! We're all ready for a break!