Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain Boots

Because you know Andrew will need those at the new house! Im sure he will make it down to the water eventually. So I got him some boots he could run around in outside and get as dirty as he wants.

Here he is checking them out!

We move this weekend, we finally closed on our house and close on the house in Denton on Friday. Its crazy how this seems like it took so long but it really went quickly when you look back.....Ive been told that it would seem that way. You sure couldnt have told me that a few months ago. So its back to hard core packing.

The second bit of news from this week is that Andrew is 18 months old!

How???!!! I ask myself.

He is SO much fun! Wanting to be outside more and more now, as well as "helping" me do all sorts of things. I bought him a stepping stool last week so he can get level with the counters and "help mommy"....I may regret it later but so far he has been really good with it and enjoys showing us he is almost as tall as we are ;)

He wont go for his 18m check up for a week so I dont have any weight or measurements. He is talking up a storm though. He can say just about anything and is really good at repeating and hes working on saying things clearly. He is just a happy toddler in general. Eating out has become a challenge, but I expected that and I try to distract him as much as I can. Ill update soon on his 18m appt, for now Im just worried about his transition to the new house. Im sure we will have a few nights of waking up to check on him. It will all be worth it though!

Happy Half Bday Bubby!