Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Better @ Sleep

Andrew is learning a new skill. He is learning to sleep better at night and not get up as much to eat. He has now moved up to 5oz at every feeding instead of 4 making him space out his feedings more and sleep a little longer at night. Before we moved him up he wanted to snack quite a bit after he would eat his bottle thus throwing off his next feeding cycle. So we stopped that and got him to take more at the feeding instead.

The past few nights have been glorious. The first night he did this Tim and I were ready to do our normal schedule of Tim up wtih him first and then I would get up second. So Andrew wakes at 12:45 and Tim is back in bed by 1. I thought this was weird bc it always takes longer to eat. Well he never woke up again for my feeding so I got to STTN!!!!! I seriously thought it was a fluke and knew we would pay for it the next night. I told Tim since we are on the verge of this becoming reality that I would get up wtih him first in case he slept through again. Well he made it all the way to 2:45 that night and I was back in bed by 3:15.....not to wake again till 6am. It was awesome.....we held our breaths not to jinx it and low and behold it happened again last night. Tim got up for the feeding and I slept all night. So I guess we are now taking turns, my turn to get up it tonight. We are so happy that it is working out so well. I know he has many growth spurts to come and teeth to come through that may cause us some unexpected visits to the nursery in the coming months but we will take this down time anyway we can get it! No complaints here.

I am trying to get Andrew to be on his tummy more, he doesnt last very long but he is getting stronger by the day. I took a video of his progress......exscuse the mess we were cleaning at the time :)

Enjoying his play mat....I got a smile out of him.

This morning as I was getting dressed for work I brought Andrew into sit with me while I finished up. He decided he wanted to start marching while waiting on we had a little photo shoot. He is getting to be such a big boy.....I cant wait till we see more smiles and some rolling over but that takes practice right. I have come to think he has Tims serious side and his smiles dont come have to work for it and when you get one your heart will melt!

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