Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Tooth on Thanksgiving......

Or so we thought! Andrew has showed many of the signs of teething over the last serveral weeks but I always just said he is too young. Tim swore he felt something in his mouth but as I said I just thought he was too young. But on Thanksgiving day I put my little finger in there and felt a hard bump....I look and there is what appeared to be a tooth! A trip to the pedi was in order when he has continued to run a low grade fever for the past few weeks. Turns out they are small cysts on his gums that will eventually go away. As for the fever there was no striaght answer just keep a watch on it.

So that brings me to a few stellar updates. Thanksgiving in OH was awesome as usual.....we always enjoy the family and company. Tim and I enjoy the food a little too much and show for it when I get home but wouldnt have it any other way. Here are a few photos from our trip. Andrew had a blast watching Cousin Cooper, but Cousin Cooper wasnt too sure about the newest kid on the block...there is time for that I guess.

All Smiles

Learning the suits of each card from Cousin Cooper

Beginning to show some of my personality. Laughs are'nt too far behind!

Finally taking a photo together.

Andrews very first Christmas present from Aunt Christina & Uncle Ed. I think Daddy likes it more than Andrew.

Well he is 3 months old today....technically 13 weeks but who is counting right. Since the last post sleep has been happening on a good schedule. I honestly think the traveling messed him up there for a while. But there wont be much of that going on till spring at least so we should be good to go to work on his routine. At the last post I bragged about him only getting up once to eat well he is still doing this and it is marvelous. Only he has flipped the reverse on us. He used to wake early to eat 12 or 1 now it is 4 am and goes back down till 7.

This. is. FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!

Dont ask me how but it just happened one night. It has now occured 3 nights in a row. So good that it has allowed me to get up in the morning and get ready, getting Andrew out of bed at the last possible moment to get him dressed and off to daycare. Something that has really helped both of us in the morning.

At his unscheduled pedi appt last week he is now up to 13lbs 10oz. He is really getting big.....but in a lot of ways still looks so small. I really think it is his height......he is really long. So I am very excited to see what happens at the 4m appt in January.

We are all getting ready for Christmas and all the family gatherings to come soon. I am so excited to show the little man the pretty lights and enjoy him on the special day. We are having family portraits this weekend so I cant wait to post some of those photos but for now here are a few I took to mark the 3 month period. Happy 3 month B-day baby boy!!!!

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Boutinal said...

I love seeing that little man get more expressions and poses in his photos. Keep enjoying the holidays & thanks for the updates!!!