Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby's First Christmas....& Hockey Game :)

Andrews first Christmas was just what I hoped for him. Very laid back and enjoyable. He was able to nap and relax all day and not be shuffled house to house, we all stayed put! I have posted several pics and videos for your enjoyment. I am starting with Christmas Morning.

Here he is just waking up. It was time to eat and he made sure mommy knew!

Video shortly after waking up.

He was having fun talking on the changing table. It is a bit dark but you can sure hear him!

Here he is in his Christmas PJ's. He was Santa/Mommy's helper all day!

Here he is making sure Mommy gets the Christmas quiche recipe just right!

Here is a video of him checking out his Santa gift. The battery must have been low it kept focusing while I taped. Sorry about that!

The day after Christmas he really started to figure it out! The jumperoo has become christened with plenty of milk and slobber! Welcome to the family!!!!

Baby's First Hockey Game! We had a bit of cabin fever and wanted to get out a little. So what better than a hockey game right? I am not afraid to take Andrew anywhere, I like to see how he handles diff situations and outings and he did great with this one. Regardless it was just noisy enough that if he cried no one would notice but not too loud to hurt his ears or scare him. Here he is all bundled up and ready for the action to begin. He even napped for a little while in the carrier. We went prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. We will certainly do this again he was very cooperative!

Milestone Alert!!!! He sat up! Here is the video to prove it! I was drying my hair Sunday morning and he did this several times on how own without me coaxing him to do it. So i wondered if I could get it on video well he had one more left in him and I captured it on video. He can get up on his bottom but then leans over and cant push himself upright.........Look out!!!! Who knows whats next!

Well 2009 is now upon us and I am so excited that i will get to spend one more day with Andrew during the week. I will now be off on Fridays and it will give us a chance to get chores and grocery shopping done and just spend more time with him in general. I cant wait to see what the new year brings and all the new exciting things Andrew will learn over the next several months. Stay tuned more fun times to come!!!

Next up: MiMi & PoPo make the trip South.....we cant wait!

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