Monday, December 22, 2008

Visit with Santa & Trying out the Highchair

We have been a busy family the past few weekends. We have all been preparing for Christmas and playing with Andrew more and more everyday as he learns all sorts of new things. I have posted several photos and I will just make comments as I go along.

Andrew has a new hat.....mommy couldnt resist getting him a cute little red hat to wear for the Christmas season. Daddy isnt too sure and I am not really sure if Andrew is either but he obliged and took a few photos in the said hat for memories sake.

Ahhh the visit with Santa. We all had good intentions that evening but it didnt really go as planned. Andrew is usually very tired after a day at daycare and would have probably rather have skipped this little event but we couldnt do that now could we....not for babys first Christmas. So we waited in line to see Santa much longer than we anticipated......and Andrew fell alsleep about 5 minutes before it was his turn so this is the photo we captured.....I wasnt even supposed to take my own photo...oh well! Again another photo for memories sake.

Family Christmas Party time! It is that time of year again when all of the extended family clan gather to have dinner together in the rented hall that we all fit in. This was Andrews first party to attend and he really just took it all in. Too many strange faces he wasnt too sure about handing out all those smiles so he kept the serious face on for the evening. I think he like watching all of the other kids though. As usual we enjoyed the company of many cousins and great food.

Cute little guy helping mommy cook, he enjoys sitting up on the counter watching us cook dinner. He spotted the camera and chose not to smile, but he was having a fab time!

On the subject of helping us cook while we are in the kitchen, Andrew has become tired of being on his back most of the time. He is constantly trying to sit up to get a better view of his surroundings. The bouncy seat just isnt cutting it anymore. His head control is great, but his upper body has lots of improving to do. We set up the highchair anyway just so he could use it a little while in the kitchen with us and while we sit at the table. He really liked it! He can handle it for about 15 minutes before he is ready for a break but I know it is helping him gain upper body strength until he is ready to try it on his own.

Final note: Andrew is still sleeping through the night. We had a great weekend and a little extra shut eye. The little guy is becoming a great sleeper....just like Daddy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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