Monday, December 15, 2008

Sneak Peek

We took Andrew yesterday to get some Christmas/3 month pics taken. We also decided to take a few family photos while we were there. It was a total gamble planning out the day but he did so good and was such a ham flirting with all the photographers there. I was so happy with the end results......he even had a wardrobe change how is that for taking a leap of faith!

Here are a few of my faves, I have also doctored a few to have his name on them. I wont post too many bc many of the readers may recieve these as christmas gifts. Sorry Barb!

So now for a small update, Andrew is now sleeping through the night. He has manged to go over that threshold of dropping a feeding at night. It. Is. Glorious! He also laughed out loud this weekend although I know he had no idea that he did it. I am pretty sure it was an accident. However Tim and I were both present for this sweet sound even if it wont happen again any time soon we were able to hear it!

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you are enjoying your families and please know how lucky you all are to have them close. To those who arent as fortunate......we understand and I hope that you all get to spend some wonderful quality time with the ones you have close by this holiday season. Love to all!

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