Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learning to Coo

Thats what he is doing cooing up a storm, here are a few new pictures and video. The video is kind of dark and he isnt real loud in it but if you listen closely you can hear him.

Disclaimer on the video it has a surprise ending.....but it was such a good video I couldnt get rid of it. So it is what it is I guess, Andrew at his finest.

On Saturday we went to visit Great Grandma Stayer. She just cant get enough of him, hard to believe right :) Here are a few photos from their visit! We love you G-ma and hope that knee heals soon!

I love this one, he is giving her a few smiles and telling her his story. So cute!

All kinds of things to say.....he looks so serious must have been important whatever it is!

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