Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

This weekend gave us all a touch of how much we missed the sun and warmth. We had a 70 degree day here in NC and then tonight it will be back to 40's...what gives?

Anyway, little man has had some pretty big accomplishments lately. Over the past 2 weeks he has perfected sitting unassisted. He is beginning to work on getting up in a crawling position and rocking on all fours. We have a ton of child proofing to do!

*Be prepared this post is almost Video Overload....can you tell I like my new toy?*

Here he is when sitting lasted about 2/3 minutes and a video to boot!

Here he is when he perfected his balance. He is such a happy boy!

I like to call this one AT vs. Zeke

Here are the boys being "Parrots"

So yesterday we couldnt resist taking Andrew down to the community park that is over in the next neighborhood. It is a little hike over there but Im getting exercise in right :) So he tested out the swings, he liked leaning forward the best. He is still getting used to it but I did get a few smiles out of him. Video to follow.

For some reason I couldnt wait to set him in the grass. I was dying to get his reaction. He was okay with it, he wasnt sure what to think but he didnt cry either. Here are a few first time photos/video. Enjoy!

Now if Spring would jsut stay around it would be marvelous. He is getting so big and I cant wait to do more with him outside in the months to come. If the weather cooperates we are meeting some of Andrews friends at the zoo in a few weeks. Crossing my fingers for good weather!

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