Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enjoying a Tiny Taste of Spring?

Last Saturday we all took a walk down to the peir to check out how low the water is. Tim and some of the other guys in the neighborhood helped fix the pier up so he thought it was time to check on his handy work ;)

But WOW is the lake low! The peir is on the ground! Its hard to believe we put the boat in there and can swim off the dock!

So we took a little walk down the shore and Andrew enjoyed throwing rocks in the lake as much as Daddy!

It was a nice afternoon to get out and enjoy the warm weather we've been having. I really hope spring gets here quick! & that we actually have a spring and not go straight into summer.

Next up is the wonderful news that Andrew has a new playmate :) Well in a few months he will. Hes still trying to understand the whole baby thing so Lynlee is good practice. Lynlee was born on 2/16 at 5lb 15oz to some very dear friends. Shes adoarble and I cant wait to watch her grow up! Shes such a beauty!

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