Monday, March 14, 2011

Dirt, Trucks, & More Dirt

But before we get to that!

Andrew is still doing alot of this! Yay!!!!! Hes pretty much day trained now, and is getting better and better at going out and about with no accidents. We are still prepared but regardless hes doing a fantastic job. I wasnt sure it would be this easy....but things have just happened so naturally! I have a full fledged little boy these days. Gone is my baby.

From the last post you can tell its getting warmer and we are getting the itch to get outside more and more. Andrews little buddy Ryan turned 3 this weekend so we went out to celebrate! The Douglas's live on one end of the wilderness and we live on the other. So it takes a good hour to get there. But the boys had a blast and it was worth it!

"So? How big is your truck? How fast can it go?" Ah the conversations ;)

On our way back.....trying my best to get him to nap. This is what I get instead. Stickers on his nose!

While we were in the neighborhood we had to stop off and see little Lynlee and family. Andrew finally got to hold her. I think they both did pretty well.

Hes trying his best to play peek a boo. Such a sweet boy!

All in all things are busy, and Andrew is just growing and growing. Nothing big planned for the next several weekends. Time to enjoy the outdoors and save up all the energy for the summer trips and boat rides! Its all jsut around the corner!

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