Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wheres the Camera? Get me the Camera!

So I can highlight Andrews highwaters ;)

Yeah I know....its pitiful right? Well when hes still wearing 18 month clothing and is of course over 2 years old thats what happens.

When he stands up there isnt an issue ;) Its just highlighted nicely in this photo. Oh well. Being outside play clothes were in order. But I did get the camera out and snap some good pics since it was so nice outside. Our yardwork was calling so we all headed outside this weekend....practically the whole weekend. Loved it!

Im glad I got a few good shots of him upclose. Its been a while. We have such a little boy on our hands!

This past weekend was gorgeous! Windy but gorgeous! tshirt weather or a light jacket. We had tons to do in the yard so we all headed outside first thing in the morning and got to planting! Andrew helped me plant Morning Glories. We've planted then every year since he was born....and they kind of remind me of him now. Just wish they were year round.

Final prodcut! Can we go in for lunch now? :)

That night we headed out to a truck and tractor pull. We were able to pull our truck into the pits so we could sit and enjoy the view in comfort. We didnt get there soon enough for first row but 2nd worked out fine, esp when you have the best seat around...Daddys shoulders!

It got loud & chilly. But it really wasnt unbearable. This little guy really had a good time!

Funny photo of the week! Safety first - in the house no less! ????

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