Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Easter Bunny is Hopping to Town!

Lately Im starting off these posts with a funny picture or 2. So here it is! Andrew has begun to want to be almost naked. I guess we are going to see alot of skin this summer ;)

Its almost Easter and all sorts of srping things are begining to happen. The weather is turning almost hot instead of mild. Anymore mild describes Feb!

So our town paper hosted an Eggstravaganza downtown this past Sunday and Andrew had a blast. He didnt quite understand why he couldnt pick up the eggs right away but it only took a few minutes and he was able to run off with the pack in search of the perfect egg. No really there was a "golden" one hidden somewhere in the bunch.

Colin our neighbor as there too. Here Andrew was still pretty ticked he couldnt pick up any of the eggs.

& theyre off!

Look @ my basket Mommy!
Love this pic of him! I may have to get it developed...and if you know me I havent done that in almost 6 months!

Oh look there's candy in there!

Next up was the Easter Bunny. Tim was a little creeped out by him, but Andrew did well. I agree....he does look a little scary.

After we all took our naps, it was time to dye eggs. Andrew wasnt patient at all. He stuck it out for the first round but while they dyed he got bored. He did enjoy the stickers though!

& this is what Andrew enjoys doing these days. Plays with Zeke. They have their bonding time at least once a day. Someone is like his Daddy when it comes to cats!

Lots of visitors and Easter fun this weekend. Should be wonderful weather wise too. Ah....loving life!

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