Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Andrew Vs. The Dishwasher

This little guy loves the dishwasher! Tim wasnt home on this particular night while I emptied it so I built what we call a "mommy fort". It worked for a few minutes....but then as I predicted he figured out how to get around it. I had to document this! I couldnt help myself.

So here he figures out he is trapped!

Trying to figure a way through......

Ah Ha! He crawled through!

Whats up mom!?

So I moved him back again and this is what he decides to do. I just might find him standing on it one day!

So in the last post I told you Andrew gave kisses. Well here it is.....please excuse my high pitched voice....but I swear he waits for the "Thank You!"

Here he is with my friend Katie (Aunt Katie) at the mall Carousel. He enjoyed it!

This is a milestone photo. Monday June 29th Andrew had a whole days worth of table food. He isnt completely off baby food yet but we are getting closer. He is such a big boy!

So we will all be on a hiatus for a little more than a week. We are headed North to spend quality time over this wonderful holiday. It will go too fast Im sure but it just makes us remember how special the time with family is. Have a great 4th everyone!!!!

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TheTodds said...

Hey Andrew needs an update! :) I cant wait to see new video of him doing all his tricks!