Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick Updates!

There really hasnt been much going on lately....we all seem to be in our little routine of things. Many of you know but we have listed our home on the market....we know it wont sell fast but we are still house shopping to be prepared, not to mention decluttering and cleaning all the time!

But Andrew is still trucking along picking up more and more everyday. He is saying so many things consistently now.
  • Kitty
  • Go
  • All Done
  • Hi
  • Bye (not bye bye; just bye)
  • Alright
  • Ball

He is getting really good at pointing too, and following my finger when I point to something. Over the last few weeks he has been working on breaking those molars in. He almost has the 4th one all the way through.....he has handled it well though. It comes and goes which is good fo us all.

Now for pictures:

So since Andrew turned 1 he was supposed to move up to the 1yr old room. He hasnt yet and thats bc there isnt any room. So I spoke with the director and he is now on a more stimulating schedule. They are doing art work wtih him, taking him outside more with the 1yr old class, and many other things that he should be doing at this age instead of just hanging around with the babies all day. Sadly this project he got ahold of and as you can see continued to make a mess ;)

In other news, Friday morning this is where I found him after I made the grocery list! are seeing correctly, its a crock pot!

We finally made it out to the pumpkin patch, he wasnt sure what to do....but he knew they were "balls" ;)

Andrew and Eli...we are seeing more and more of him these days. Buddies in the making.

Halloween is in a few weeks....we are headed to a party so stay tuned for all the cuteness you can stand!

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Ashley said...

I love the crock pot picture. Too cute!