Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kitty Love

Zeke has become more and more tolerant of Andrew these days. He doesnt run away as soon as Andrew comes around, and he even goes up to him for a little pet every now and again. Andrew has realized how oft Zeke is too and has begun to try and lay his head down for a rest when he comes you know me....I whipped out the video camera. I couldnt miss the 2 babies interacting ;)

Fall is here! This is the best season in NC! So in true fall fashion we headed off to the fair for a family day. We had lunch and just walked around all the exhibits. Its a little too rich for us right now for Andrew to ride rides...esp when we have to buy double tickets to ride with him. Maybe in a few years.

Tim and Andrew are checking out the largest pumpkin on record at the fair this year! It was huge!

Next we hit the petting zoo, Andrew loved it! He held the line up quite a bit.

And finally with the cold mornings we brought out the wind breaker. Andrew is fianlly able to sport his Indians jacket Uncle Deron gave him when he was a baby! Its kind of close to the Braves though and sometimes we have to correct those who arent in the know ;)

Halloween is upon us too, we have Andrews costume but can't share yet. I guess we will take him a few places this year and see how he does.....stay tuned!

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