Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't worry Ryan; You can have cake too!

Well over the weekend we hosted the last we of Andrews Birthday celebreations. It was a big crowd and we were so thankful Andrew has so many family and friends who love him so much! Many pics to follow!

But first here are a few videos from the last few weeks. He's saying all kinds of things now.

Here he is telling me he's "All Done!"

We made a ball pit for his party and here he is testing it out! LOVED it!

The weather has also started to turn here in NC, so we brought out the jeans and tennis shoes. Baby jeans are just the cutest arent they!

Party Time! Here are a few of the decorations, banners, cupcakes, etc.

Oh and what childs first bday isnt complete without a BIG WHEEL! Thanks Uncle Ethan ;)

Eli pushing Ryan around!

It rained ALL DAY! So we set up most of the kid activities in the garage.

Ball Pit Buddies - Andrew & Shepherd

Present Time

Someones getting sleepy!

Mini Cake - In the madness of it all I forgot to take a pic of his boat cake ::sigh::

Oh La La!

Ryan decides he wants in the on the action....he decided to dig right in! It was hilarious!


The day after, pushing his fave toy ever! The Lawnmower! Thanks Aunt Barbara!

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Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! You did great on the cupcakes!