Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh the Tantrums!

We have hit the Toddler Tantrums! Oh my....it goes from gold to you know what in a matter of seconds. Case in point.

I wanted Andrew to take a pic with an ornament I recieved participating in an ornament exhange.

Where it proceeded to call it a "Ball!" and hurl it across the room! Thank goodness we dont have those hardwoord floors we crave yet bc it for sure would have broken.

So I had to take it. Explaining to him that you can't thrown this "Ball!" in particular wasnt sinking in. Taking the "Ball!" led to this:

So there is my proof when he reaches high school that he threw pretty funny tantrums. Next time I really want it on video. These pictures dont do the "tantrums" and justice at all!

But for now here are a few more pics of the sweet boy! Still loves Zeke....as you can see Zeke still doesnt care!

We are leaving for OH in less then 2 weeks! We honestly cant wait! Merry Christmas!!

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