Monday, October 25, 2010

Its Almost Halloween!

So what does that mean? Time to pick out a pumpkin of course! We are kind of late on this but we finally had a free weekend that allowed the time to sit as a family and start this new tradition. There werent any local pumkin patches that we knew we would be strolling by on Sat so we hit up a produce stand instead.....& we got the same effect.

They found their perfect pumkin....home to carve it. After nap time of course ;)

Patiently waiting

Mommy drew on the face, Daddy does the carving.

Andrews first look at the "guts"

Tims face is priceless!

Andrew wants in on the spoon action!

Taking a break while Daddy carves the face.

Zeke comes out to survey the progress.

Shes a beauty!

After dinner we lit the pumpkin. Andrew was pretty amazed.

Happy Halloween....I think it just hit me that October is here. & now its over. Goodness!!!

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