Thursday, October 14, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Seems like Andrew is learnng all sorts of songs at daycare these days. Singing ABC's, just this week he added Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and to not let him slow down he added Ba Ba Black Sheep as of last night. I cant get over it sometimes. Oh and he also fake snores...and you'll see in this video.

Really not much going on in the last few weeks. Get togethers with friends here and there. Park trips, and just family time. Trying to savor the last bit of summer and fall. Fall is def setting in though. Katie made sure Andrew had his first smore ;)

We had his 2nd bday party in late Sept for everyone here. He's happy to help mommy make cupcakes ;)

He really enjoyed his "tractor cake"

Few weekends later we hit up a favorite park for some fun and a little fall festival. It was a nice crisp day to be out. So we let Andrew burn off some energy.

But who knew we would have a few more warm spells. So we headed out on the boat one more time bf it was time to winterize it. We tried to explain that it was too cold to go swimming. He was just happy to ride around. I still cant believe summer is over!

Here are a few of his pics from the 2yr photo shoot we had done. We'll do a family shoot in a few weeks at our house that Im really exicted about.

Time is flying, its breathtaking how fast. A few things planned here and there, maybe even a trip to the train museum this weekend. Stay tuned!

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