Monday, October 18, 2010

NC Transportation Museum

Saturday was a family day. We stepped back in time to go and visit the NC Transportation Museum and an antique car show that was being held onsite. Both of which were for Tim and Andrew. I was just happy to spend a cool fall morning with my boys.

The site of the NC Transportation Museum was a working train repair shop/factory/roundhouse that dates back to the 1850's. I wont give you a history lesson, go and visit, its a neat place to walk around for the morning, and maybe even take a train ride. The museum is working to restore many of the buildings.

Ready to take his "first" train ride!

The roundhouse was neat, its one of 3 left in the US. Its where the train engines were serviced and housed.

Getting up close and personal with many of the old locomotives on site. I didnt realize how large the trains are up close.

Daddy's shoulders were nice to take a break from all the walking.

It was a fun time, and we'll visit again when Andrew is a little older and can "learn" more about the history of the trains on site. Its crazy how a "town" can be built around a business. Spencer is def one of those towns. Very sad to see how happens, and how its still happening today. Things dont change much after 60 years.

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