Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Baby!

What a nice unexpected day off.....with snow! Snow in March in NC is pretty unheard of, it has happened but not since I was very young. So we took full advantage of the day off and spent time in the snow and playing inside. I think he enjoyed hanging out in the snow for the first time ever! I guess this can be considered a milestone!

For the past month Andrew has been fighting ear infections and I believe teeth are right around the corner. Sleeping has become hard to come by lately without some pain relief. I am sure once these first few break through he wont be as bothered by the pain. Or I like to think so and my fingers are crossed!

{My latest trick, I play with my feet ALL.THE.TIME}

{All snuggled after bath time....}

{Waking up after a decent night of sleep....Oragel is helping this little guy out}

{The view from AT's window of the morning snow fall.}

{Getting read to go out and see the snow!}

{All bundled up! Lets go Ma!}

{Checking out the view from the deck!}

{Snow Baby...making a snow angel}

{Sitting on the mound that daddy left this morning!}

{Video of AT in the snow}

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