Thursday, March 26, 2009

6m Stats, Parties & Vacations

It has been a busy 2 weeks since the last post. Lots of stuff happening.....seems to be a trend I feel like we never slow down.

Andrew had his 6m doctors appt. that went very well. He was ear infection free when we went but there was still fluid. He was still on an antibiotic at the time and they wanted to follow up with him the following week to take another look. We were finally referred to an ENT to see what he thought. I am happy to report though that for the better part of 2 weeks he has been infection free. I am praying it stays that way! Teeth are all thogether another story though....I dont think they are too far behind. The right bottom tooth looks like it could break through any day.

As far as his stats he is up to 16lbs 11oz, and 26.5 inches long. He is pretty much in the middle for his age, Im sure he would be bigger if we hadnt been fighting the infections for the past 6 weeks.

This however is now Andrews BFF!

I have tried my best not to give it to him too much but somehow it happened. I think daycare may have something do with it too so I have asked them to not give it to him unless he needs it to sleep or just calm him down. Once he pops it in though and he is tired he just zonks out.....looks like they will be thrown out the window one day. I guess I can deal with this rather than BF weaning or something worse. So for now I call him a "paci baby" sad but true!

Here a few photos from a while back. A visit with great grandma and playing on the playmat. He is such a pro now at rolling over and getting his knees underneath him.

Here he is showing off his talents....he thinks he is such a big boy!

Happy 1st Birthday Ryan!!!!! I cant believe this child if 1 already. Andrew and Ryan are just shy of 6 months days. Andre had a blast seeing all the kids and riding in the wagon. It was such a fun party. Congrats were just as graceful with number 3!

The trip to the Great White North.....well it wasnt white this was actaully pretty warm considering it was the middle of March. We were able to hang out side quite a bit. It was a short trip but still loads of fun. Andrew got his first Easter Basket from his MiMi and PoPo. There were all sorts of goodies in there, even some treasured hand me downs.
He is so cheesing in this pic. like he knows he is getting something extra special!

Once it was all unwrapped he decided he wanted to roll in the celephane. It made that crunchy noise and he was all over it!

Hanging out in a basket.....I couldnt resist.

On the couch with Cousin Cooper...these 2 are still warming up to each other.

Andrew has started to babble alot! He is now babbling dadada, bababa, and trying so hard to babble mama....we know he has no idea what he is saying but it so cute.

He continues to grow and grow.....learning new stuff all the time. I have a new fancy camcorder and plan to use it more in the months to come. Wont be long and he is going to be very mobile.....lord help us.


Boutinal said...

I'm sure dadada doesn't think that is just baby babble! I love those huge smiles!

TheTodds said...

Haha, love the background! April is going to let me know when the CLT and Triad gtg in Salisbury is going to be....AT and my AT need to meet!!!