Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!

Where has the time gone? I am floored that 6 months of his life have gone by so quickly. He has changed so much in the past month it is scary. He has also been fighting ear infections to no end.....we are still dealing with them and as a mother it really breaks my heart to see him hurting. We are hoping at his 6m check up they are all clear. Fingers and toes crossed!

A few milestones for this month are:
  • Getting really good on his tummy, he lifts his head all the way up now and puts his arms out straight to support himself.
  • Sits up straight for about 30 seconds depending on his mood....he is getting better at balance and catching himself when he is wobbly.
  • His attention span has def improved, he can be in his jumperoo for almost an hr bf he gets board. This is a big change!
  • He is still sleeping pretty well despite the EI, I usually have to wake him up now in the mornings to get to work.
  • Staying at the pace of wearing clothes 3m ahead of his age. So in many things we have moved on to 9m sizes.
  • He is eating up a storm, he has had: Green Beans, Peas, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Pears, Bananas, Apricots, Apples/Blueberries, and Peaches.
  • He doesn't like any of the fruit that I have listed above! Go figure.

Practicing Sitting Up

{HI Mom! Im a little wobbly}

{See I told you ! Here I go!}

Hats on Monday; Flipflops on Sunday......Where or where is spring???

This was Monday......4 inches of snow and freezing cold.

Here we are on the park in a swing! This was Andrews 2nd time in a swing. The first time sadly I was not present for it but the girls at the daycare took the babies out back in Feb when it was so nice outside. So this is the first time it was captured on film. He didn't quite know what to think of it though and I think the wind was hurting his ears.

Andrews little buddy Eli and his parents came over on Sunday to have dinner and hang out. The boys had a good time on the walk and at the park. These 2 guys are going to be trouble this summer...we plan on joining the pool with Eli's mom and dad this summer.

Here is Eli, thoroughly enjoying the swings.

So in honor of my "little" babies half birthday we had a little photo shoot. I sent him to school in his "kiss me I'm Irish" shirt in honor of St. Pattys day coming up soon. I'm sure he was smothered with smooches. I know I couldn't resist.

Last but not least I captured some priceless Andrew time on video.

Believe me when I say he is growing too fast! I will update soon on his 6m doc visit from this week and our much needed trip North to see MiMi & Popo!

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