Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So it Continues

Summer that is. Tired of hearing about it? Well sorry its Andrew's life right now. Outside, outside, outside, with a few books, trucks and tractors thrown in.

He is really starting to get into books. We have to read at least 2 every night now bf bed. Its a good time to snuggle. From what I have learned they are pretty much reading all day at daycare. I think its a way for the kids to be held all day long ;) They are like little lap dogs when I go to pick him up. Oh well it could be worse right?

We had lots of fun over the last few weekends.

Ill begin with thte 4th.

Aunt Janice & Uncle Verlin from Indiana came down for a little visit. It was short but very good to see them both.

The 4th of July was spent on the boat....go figure right? Andrew is getting a little better at swimming. He also discovered that he likes pizza cold just like his daddy!

Then came the beach. We headed down on Wed and stayed 2 night with my dad and stepmom. We enjoyed parking the car, and not moving it for 2 days. We played, napped, and ate. Wash, rinse and repeat. We headed back on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend enjoying Daddy.

Sunday, Andrews friend Eli and his parents came to take the boat out. Eli is one big dare devil. He jumped off the boat like it was nothing. Im sure Andrew will follow suit eventaully.

Nothing much planned for the next few weekends, maybe a birthday party thrown in here and there, and of course there is the boat. For now we are just chasing our toddler and loving life!

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