Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vacuums, Brooms, Phones & Shoes

Its been a crazy few months. We have been busy and non stop. We are trying to sell the house and that requires constant cleaning so Im very ashamed to say that I havent taken near as many pictures as you all have come to expect and Im sorry for that! Another reason is Andrew really wont stay still long enough for me to get a good shot. But I have taken a few over the past few weeks. We also have been cooped up in the house bc of the weather and not doing anything picture worthy.

The title says it all. Andrew is obessed with vaccums, brooms, phones, and shoes these days. He goes to the untility closet over and over to get his vacumm and to put "away" as he says. He just wants in that closet. Its a pretty bad obession. He would forgo his "paci" for a chance to play with the vacuum.

He also spends about 10m every afternoon putting on Daddy's boots. He cant really stand by himself in them but he tries. Its pretty cute. Oh and dont let go of that milk sippy, that would be just out of the question.

I love him in these colors.

And here we are with the vacuum parts. He knows how to assemble them and how they should work. Its a never ending cycle.

I took these this morning. Andrew gets a snack cup of cheerios on the way to school in the morning. Keeps him busy on the ride in.

I just called and scheduled his 18m appt. How this all happened I have no idea. I look at him almost every day and try to remind myself that its moving fast and I need to soak in these memories. He can no longer fit in his baby bath towels....well not since Dec and it kills me everytime I pull out a big bath towel bc his feet have begun to hang out of those too. It makes me sad just about every night. He is starting to talk up a storm. He isnt putting sentences together but he has put a few words together. His favorite right now is "OH MY" and he is very dramatic about it.

Not much on the horizon for us unless we get lucky and are able to move soon. Its been so snowy and rainy this winter we are all ready for Spring and warm sunshine!

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