Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Change is Coming.....

Thats what has happened the past 18 months.....Change. I have to stop and make myself look clearly at how much has actually changed. Our whole life. You name it its changed since Andrew has came along, and you know what? We love it! We like guessing what will happen next its not a boring life ;)

So to update you all we are moving! In less than a month actaully. Its scary and so exciting at the same time. I think through my routine often and how Ill handle things in the new house. Silly little things I think about huh? I cant help it! But we found the perfect house for us after having a nightmare exp with the first house we thought we couldnt live without.

But with that being said Andrew will have a ton of yard and woods to run around in this summer. I think we are in for sweating and keeping a good tan.

So onto the cute pics. He's really becoming a ham and loves to say "Cheeeeeeese" for the camera!

Tim and I went to a Canes game a few Saturdays ago and picked up Andrew this Stick, and puck set. Its really soft so he cant hurt someone with it. I love these pics he's really trying to figure it out.

I love this one! Its like "What do I do with this again?"

Here we are trying to pack and Andrew is trying to help....or help me unpack. I cant decide which one.

Meet the newest baby of the family. Miss Josie! My cousin came in from TN to visit and show off the newest member of the famirl. Its been almost 18m since Ive held a baby that small! But I DID NOT get baby fever!

Andrew & Shep had good time hanging out too.

So its time to get busy and get us packed up and moved....I promise Ill keep up as many updates as possible but you may not "hear" from us till the first of April.......but hopefully it wont be that long! Im hoping I can get the 18m stats posted after his appt on 3/18. Love to all!

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