Monday, February 2, 2009

Solids, Little Buddies, Birthdays, Superbowl, & Bathtime

This is sure to be a long post but there have been quite a few things going on over the past week that are certainly blog worthy. I could make an entry for each one but lets face it its hard enough to get all these videos and pics loaded at one time much less making seperate entires. This might just be the most exciting entry yet. Here we go!

Solids: Someone started solids this week! In the form of rice cereal no less. I was a little apprehensive due to Andrews tummy issues but the pedi suggested this might be the best thing to try and "see what happens" not to mention Tim has been dying for the boy to have "real food". So here are a few pics from his "first time". Also a beloved video at the end.

{So ma......a new bib!}

{Oh what that is a smile for the camera!}

{Hmmm what is this?}

{Oh no......I am not so sure! Are you sure this is supposed to be good?}

{Proof that it might not be all its cracked up to be!}

{I decided to try on Daddys hat.....looks nice right?}

Little Buddy: So little Ryan came by on Friday to visit, Andrew and Ryan really havent been around each other since Andrew was really little. They were very curious.....they also liked to reach out and touch each others faces....then they would both turn to Jordan and I as if to say "he hit me" it was so funny to see their reactions!

{Im not so sure mommy......}

{Okay we kissed and made up....all better now}

Happy Birthday Shep!: Andrew attended his second ever birthday party on Saturday....little Shepherd turned 1.....he is getting so big! Congrats Alan & Steph for surviving that first year....I hope we usher it in as graceful as the two of you did! It was a super cute party!

{Daddy & I like to share toys}

Superbowl: Andrew attended his first Superbowl party last night hosted by Uncle Ethan & Aunt Katie. He was decked out in his Steelers gear as expected. We made it till half time, in which daddy wanted everyone to wear their 3D there were pictures taken all around!

{Okay guys partys over.....Im ready to go home}

Bath Time: So after Andrews spectacular Superbowl party he needed his bath....we have tried on occassion to have him skip his bath but he treats the little nap that follows just as a the only thing that actually triggers bedtime for this little guy is a bath. I decided it was time for some bath time toys and the reaction that we got was priceless. These pictures/video are my faves.

{Wait that thing squirts water at me......Giggles ensue!}

This post to me is almost like a months worth of happenings, but sadly my friends all this occured in one week! Proving to me that my "baby" is growing so fast!

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