Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meeting My Ohio Family

The trip to Ohio was successful....its official he is portable!!! We all made the 6.5 hour trip to OH in a little less than 8 hours, thats what happens when you have a one month old right :)

We stopped in Columbus first to attend Mike and Gwens wedding which was beautiful by the way, and then on to MiMi and PoPos house for the remainder of the weekend. Andrew did great he slept in a semi normal schedule and did really well on the car rides to and from.

Andrew met his cousin Cooper, and his aunt and uncle Christina and Ed. Cooper didnt have much to say about baby Andrew but I am sure in time they will be best buds. I have attached a video below.

Andrew also met Aunt Patty and Uncle Big D for the first time, Deron is a family friend that has a special place in all our hearts. He also was the first to give Andrew his first Cleveland Indians bib and outfit to support the said team. I feel as though my child will know more about OH teams than NC, but as his daddy says he will more than likely have all the NASCAR drivers memorized by the time he is 2 which is probably true. I guess I can take NASCAR over all the OH State, Indians, and Browns hype anyday.

The trip home was good but again long, we will get better and plan to try it all over again over Thanksgiving. For now here are a few pics from our trip.....we cant wait to go back!!!!

Video of Andrew & Cooper

From AT Oct 08

Andrew & Cousin Cooper, Mimi & Andrew

Meeting Aunt Christina & Aunt Patty

Andrew & Uncle Big D

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