Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Its Already October

Where has the September gone? Andrew turned 3 weeks old yesterday and it seems like he has been here with us forever. We are all still trying to figure one another out along with our schedules.

There have been a few milestones in the past 22 days of his life. He came home from the hospital on 9/11 in the driving rain in fact it rained the whole time we were in the hospital. But on 9/12 it all cleared up and he had his first pediatricians appointment. He was weighed and was down to 7lbs 5oz from his birth weight of 7lbs 12oz. He also shrunk a little but I attribute this to his cone head at birth :) The doctor wasnt too worried because he knew eating would pick up in the next couple of days. Dr. Reedy was worried about jaundice so we went over to the hospital and had a bilirubin test done to make sure his levels were low. In fact his levels were below 10 which was great news.

The very first week we were home we had lots of visitors, Mimi and Popo Stary stayed with us for the first week leaving to go home to OH on 9/15 and we missed them very much when they left....they helped keep us all sane a little. Uncle Richard, Cousin Steven, Aunt Barbara Williams, Katie & Ethan, Aunt Betty Jane, Jordan and little Ryan all visited that first week home. We were very busy with showing off the little one. We finally got up the courage to have our first outing, I needed to go to the bank and wanted to buy a book "Your Baby's First Year Week by Week". So we headed off to Barnes & Nobles where I used the sling for Andrew while I looked around a little. It was a successful outing. Our next outing was another pediatrician appointment and Wal-Mart. Great Grandma Stayer went along with us to help me out a little. Andrew was up this appt to 7lbs 10 oz from the previous week and the doctor was very happy with this. Andrew eats like a champ so I am not surprised about his weight gain. I would love to know what he weighs now.

Another milestone that we are all very excited about is that Andrew now sleeps in his crib in his nursery. I began with naps during the day to get him used to it and he has been in there ever since. We all sleep better now that he is in his own room. He was a pro at this just after a week of being home. I started this early because he will nap in a crib at daycare so I wanted him to be comfortable when that begins.

We have continued to have outings, we went to Kohls on Sunday and the mall yesterday. I am becoming a pro at changing and feeding him in dressing rooms :) He is really good on these trips. Today we are going to visit Dr. Allen for my appt and it coincides with his feeding time so we will see how that goes. We have yet to all venture out for dinner together hopefully we can get the courage to do that soon. We are all going to the fair on Sunday as a family. I cant go without going to the fair. So Andrews first trip to the fair will prob be while sleeping but next year it will be a blast to see him enjoy it.

Next up is the trip to OH for Uncle Mikes wedding. There is a ton to get done in the meantime to get Andrew ready to travel, starting with getting him to nap in his PNP. That is the goal of the week.

It is already 10am and we have been up maybe an hour and he has already eaten, he is not the best at going back to sleep after his 6am feeding so I have begun bringing him to bed with me and having him sleep in his boppy with me so I can soothe him back to sleep just so I can sleep a little more. That 6am feeding just kicks my butt so this is a way to get a few more hours of sleep before we actually get up around 8:30/9 o'clock. I need to get better becasue my maternity leave is coming to a close soon which I cant believe. We will prob make a visit to the daycare next week to go over Andrews specifics so he can start on 10/20. Breaks my heart just a little but I know he will be so close that it makes it a little easier I guess. Actually I am ready for all of us to get into a routine once I go back to work. I know it will take prob a month to get it all going but routine almost spells Stary :)

Well I guess this is the first post in Andrews blog, I have attached a slideshow of all the pictures that we have taken so far from birth to now. I will prob have to make a seperate album for each month bc I have taken so many pictures. Slideshows seem to be the easiest so that is what I am doing for now instead of individual pics. If any of you see any that you want a copy of let me know and I can put in an order for you. This is the easiest way to keep everyone updated on his milestones. I promise I will try and update as much as possible. Enjoy the slideshow and stay tuned to all the fun times to come!

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What a great first post! Congrats again!