Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is there a Pause Button?

Im getting ready to back up all the video and pics for the year. I guess most people dont really box up pics anymore they save them to a CD/DVD and put them in a CD case now. Right? Well I do. I learned a long time to stop developing every pic I took of Andrew. What would I do with it all really?

So now each year and a couple times during the year I clean off the computer and back up the movies & pics so that maybe someday Ill look through them again.....or maybe his blog. Which Im guilty of I look through it alot and relive his baby days. & try to remind myself why we dont another so quickly ;)

But as I look through I see how MUCH Andrew changed in 2010. He certainly grew hair, and has a vocabulary that I dont even recognize sometimes. I cant believe he went from a babbling little toddler so a talking little boy.

So to remember 2010 and how much my "baby" has turned into a "boy". Have fun watching the videos and looking at pics.

@ 18 months

@ 22 Months

2 years

See what I mean.....whew! I surely hope this year doesnt go as fast...hence the use of the pause button.

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