Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lets Play Catch Up!

We are in the new house now. Almost a month. Its hard to believe. Andrew is still transitioning to his new room. It was actaully harder than I thought for him, but we will all make it.

I have uploaded several pics from this month and last.

Here is Andrew watching Daddy out the dining room windows. You can see right down into the driveway and garage. Im pretty sure he watched Tim mow the yard completely a weekend or so ago.

Its finally warm.....well down right hot this week but we will have another cool spell bf its all over with Im sure. So what else is there to do than get outside! Believe me Andrew is getting his exercise.

He also has a new bff....its red and white with wheels and pedals. LOVES this thing! He cant quite reach the pedals yet but give him time and Ill be praying he doesnt make it up our steep driveway! I see many accidents waiting to happen on our driveway.

Dont worry though, hes figured out how to push it like a pro!

On the way home from daycare....they gave him a posicle. Lots of fun that was in the car!

We hit up the zoo on Good Friday. Boy was it hot and crowded! I never dreamt it would be that hot or that crowded!

Taking a peek at his Easter goodies from Mimi! Thanks Mimi!!!

Saturday we headed to Tanglewood for an Easter Egg hunt and other fun kids activities. Of course there was a firetruck involved. His favorite word anymore is "truck!"

Headed down the bouncy slide with a little help from April!

Its Egg Hunting time!

Easter Sunday - basket full of goodies that showed up during nap time ;) We let him dig in at Grammys after Easter lunch.

This is one of my all time faves in a long time! Its the first time in a long time he has really looked at the camera and given me a big smile.

Helping Grammy weed the flower beds.

Last but not least we let him have a few peices of cnady from his Easter basket. These pics are pretty much priceless.

Finally to update on Andrew's 18m stats from his last peds visit. He is now 24lbs and 33 inches tall. So thats pretty much tall and skinny!

Last but certainly not least please add Tims mom & dad Barb and Bob to your prayer lists. They have been having a few minor health issues lately and we are so heartbroken we cant be there to help and support them. We love you guys and are counting down the days until you make the trip S! I hope everyones Easter was a blast and most importantly blessed.

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